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Shading of PV Module1SHADING OF PV MODULEName of StudentInstitution Affiliation
Shading of PV Module2IntroductionThere are several factors which affect the actual installation of PV system. Some of thesefactors include the shading, shading influence the PV module operation. The modules are alwaysinstalled in regions which has a lot of solar radiations and generally a vast clear land withoutshades[CITATION Yun \p 3 \l 1033 ]. Northwest part of China has such installation requirements ofPV because of the wide distribution of Gobi, desert, and shoals. Nevertheless, under the practicalcondition, the PV modules are sometimes covered with tree leaves, blocks, and guano after along time of use. These objects which block the PV modules cause shade and reduces theefficiency of the PV modules hence the output power from the module will reduce. Apart fromthese objects which causes shades, the difference between the actual terrain of PV system andpreliminary design, the incorrect distance between rear PV module and front PV module willcause the shading of the PV module too. The shading of the PV module will also be due to theuneven and rugged surface where the PV module is located in the actual situation.If there is a partial shading in the PV module, there will be a change in the I-V of the PVmodule. The value of I-V will increase in other PV modules because of the shading of the PVmodule, therefore, the temperature will rise. After a long period of use, there will be ```hot spot``. This is a scenario where some parts of the PV module because of the shading of the PVmodule. Obviously, this defect of the solar cell will generate heat and bring the `` hot spot `` forPV module even if the PV module works normally[CITATION Sim \p 23 \l 1033 ]. Such scenarioleads to adecrease of the power produced from the PV module or simple the solar cells. This isdue to the shadow on some PV modules (some parts of the solar system), rugged irradiance onthe PV array which results to mismatching of power generated from the solar cells.
Shading of PV Module3Classification of ShadingThe shading scenario in the PV module differs depending on some particular phenomenonlike PV system and the region where the PV solar is installed. The shades which occur in the PVmodule have some common issues like; the surrounding vegetation, front row array and powerdistribution room adjacent[CITATION Ken10 \p 120 \l 1033 ]. Thestructural surface and thecondition at the ground might not match during the installation of the solar cells. Therefore, thePV array might not be at the equal height to enable the facade row shadow would shield the backrow[CITATION Dri \p 34 \l 1033 ]. The classifications of the shading in the PV modules are asbelow, the categories are reached after a long period of study;1.The nearby plant and guano shading type.2.The neighboring power distribution room and wire pole shading type.3.The front row shading type.The diagram of types of shadings are shown in the diagram below;Fig 1: The surrounding plant and guano shading type[CITATION Yun \l 1033 ].
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