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Data Collection Through Questionnaire

Added on -2019-09-13

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Question 11.In this situation, the structured interview can be beneficial for the clinical. With the helpof structured interview, he can immediately measure the responses of patients. With thehelp of their responses clinician able to take immediate actions towards their treatment(Time, 2012). Conducted structured interview provide accurate information about thepatient in the least time period.2.Effect of gender on helping behavior in a train carriage can efficiently be judged byquestionnaire analysis. A psychologist can prepare a questionnaire to obtain the responseof people on his topic. In this for collecting the information the psychologist can choosesample size as per his wish which he thinks suitable for it (Patten, 2016). On the basis ofresponse, he can easily measure the effect of gender on helping behavior. Data collectionthrough Questionnaire provide high accuracy of collected data, and efficiency of outcomedrawn from data is completely depends on skills of a psychologist.3.The number of times the babies would search for an object hidden from view canefficiently judge with the help of naturalistic observation. With the help of observationthe researcher able to measure the babies behavior directly by his own observation. It issure that the researcher is able to receive accurate data with which right outcome can bedrawn.4.If the researcher wants to record the use of telegraphic speech by children, it can beefficiently done through structured interview research. With this, the researcher candirectly measure the behavior of children in their homes (Taylor, 2015). Through this, theresearcher can easily draw a conclusion about the use of telegraphic speech by children.

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