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Running head: SHORT STORY ANALYSISShort Story AnalysisName of the Student:Name of the University:Author’s Note:
1SHORT STORY ANALYSIS“I’ll Be Waiting” by Raymond Chandler“I’ll Be Waiting” written by Raymond Chandler (1888–1959) is one of his shorteststories and like the usual stories written by him this one also is a detective story. Regardingthe story, Chandler himself wrote “I didn’t think much of the story when I wrote it—I felt itwas artificial, untrue and emotionally dishonest like all slick fiction” (Chandler). The storyrevolves around the characters of Tony Reseck, Eve Cressy, Tony’s brother Al and the manfor whom Cressy is waiting (Chandler). The story has an abrupt opening where Cressy iswaiting for the man whom she accidentally hurt. Eve tells about the man she is waiting for inthe words “"Waiting for a tall dark guy that's no good, Tony. You wouldn't care why. I wasmarried to him once. I might be married to him again. You can make a lot of mistakes in justone lifetime” (Chandler). However, Tony is concerned about Eve as the last woman whostayed in the hotel room ended her life by jumping off the balcony. However, according tothe critics, “The girl, the detective, the bad boys looking for someone are all in their places,but there is no visible action” (Sigelman and William). The symbolism as well as the imagerywhich Chandler uses in the story is totally in synchronization with the mystery whichsurrounds the plot from the beginning.“Death & Company” by Dashiell HammettThe short story “Death & Company” by Dasheill Hammett (1894-1961) is a detectivestory which revolves around a murder (Gale). According to Raymond Chandler, "Hammettgave murder back to the kind of people that commit it for reasons" (Chandler). This particularshort story of Hammett is noted for its stark realism and its portray of actual crime scenes.
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