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Short Term Assessment
Selection method & minority representationIn this present paper, we will discuss the job category, namely, human resource executive inorder to examine the merits of face to face interview and telephonic interview method whichhelps to increase the representation of aboriginal people in the workforce.Face to face selectionIt is the defined as the selection method which is used to check the capabilities and knowledge ofan individual verbally (Storper et al., 2004_. Following are the merits of face to face selectionmethod:1.It allows in-depth analysis of interviewer which helps to judge the capabilities of anindividual through one to one conversation.2.The confident, body language and individual capabilities can be judged through face toface selection.Telephonic interviewIt is defined as the interview through a telephonic conversation between the interviewer andinterviewee. It helps to analyse the knowledge, basic introduction of an individual which helps todetermine the nationality of an individual which enables to achieve the goals and objective of theCERA. The benefits of the telephonic interview are described below:1.The telephonic interview enables to access the wide geographic which helps to check thenationality of an individual through taking the brief information about the individuals(Wald et al., 2000).
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