Kuwait Dentist HRM Challenges Assignment

Added on - 13 Aug 2021

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Kuwait Dentist HRM Challenges
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In practically every area of the globe, the shortage of health workers is one of the biggest
problems. Each individual in the medical care system is important and its deficiency causes a
problem in the functioning of a system. This dearth creates an unfriendly atmosphere to keep
people in the organization. In the modern technological world, businesses require competent and
certified experts in healthcare to accomplish their objectives. Furthermore, the landscape of
human resources is continuously evolving. Dentists have recurring concerns regarding how to
deal with employee problems. In Kuwait dentists face several HR problems, such as insufficient
dental studies and acquisition of talent[ CITATION Den16 \l 2057 ]. There are several other
problems such as inappropriate training and development of the dentists which leads to
dissatisfaction of the healthcare experts (dentists). In this article we will discuss about these HR
issuesfaced by Kuwaiti Dentists and elaborate them in detail.
Kuwait Dentists HRM Issues
Training and Development
Many dentists do not have the technique of recruiting and continue to employ their employees in
completely empirical and conventional ways.Dental operations in Kuwait have still not been
spared the constantly repeated challenge of personnel turnover and very little in orthodontist
operations when the speed of labor and patient circulation is so rapid that a dentist is able to
reach his target of 100 within a week[ CITATION Har12 \l 2057 ].These rapid practices of
dentistry can result into an alarming situation where the patients are not treated properly
considering the fact that the COVID-19 has further limited the experience and practical work of
the dentists which is compulsory for becoming a certified doctor. Recruitment starts for the
actual position of the dental doctor or the orthodontic manager[ CITATION She19 \l 2057 ].
After the pre-selection test (perhaps assigned to an interviewing specialist if and only when the
procedure is a component of an overall coaching activity), a selection process is carried out and a
test is carried out. The fresh recruit must be introduced cautiously and be notified of the
monitoring and implementation policies of thepractice and must be respected[ CITATION Bri17
\l 2057 ]. They should therefore be educated, coached, motivated and maintained according to
the right procedures.However, these practices were replaced by Kuwait with Simulation labs
due to COVID-19, resulting in compromised dental training[ CITATION Jag21 \l 2057 ].
Figure1: Kuwait increase of foreign doctors in year 2020[ CITATION 24821 \l 2057 ]
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