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[SHORTENED TITLE UP TO 50 CHARACTERS]2PART 1: JOB ADVERTISEMENTWe can't underestimate the importance of a nicely designed job advertisement or job posting. Job Advertisement acts as a direct medium of communication with candidates. In reading, a prospective applicant rapidly establishes a long-term connection to your organization'sway of life and that potential candidates envision everyday life at your organization. Composing a nice job advertisement optimizes investment of source. I cannot underline that the time spent on composing a great job advertisement acts as a money saver in short term and long term recruiting spending plan. A good job will reduce the time to increase and extend the employment period. When I analyze the job advertisement mentioned in the case study I find that there were some issues like Exaggerating, was offering rewards, not challenges, the description was missingwith company description. The job post was not having an attractive job title. Let's discuss all in detail below:Exaggerating: When a job looks very good to be true, it usually happens and attracts only those applicants who are naïve, unreal and non-artist. Same is the issue with the job posting in the case study. We can reword that advertisement as “Have Creative Vision? Can you lead artists and writers but have a head for business? You can be ready for a creative director job” Offering challenges rather than rewards: Rather than just looking for an easy ride, someone is more likely to attract someone with drive and ambition. Being specific with the role description: We can analyze from the job description that it was not specific to the job description. This will allow candidates to compare their experience and skills with the requirements and discourage who are not qualified for applying for the job. The job description must have eye-catching bullets like incentives and benefit. Lines can be added to "Friday team lunch; modern and hi-tech office; stunning view, etc. Try to provide a
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[SHORTENED TITLE UP TO 50 CHARACTERS]3range of salaries, as candidates will not like to waste their and your time if they are not getting what they like or capable of. Telling about the company: In the given case, it was nowhere mentioned in the company detail. It should not be in detail but in short. The information given in the actual description of the job and the profile of the perfect candidate comes effectively to you - accepting that you have written an appropriate set of working responsibilities and have prepared a performance profile for the role. Select key aptitudes, fundamental abilities and the most significant performance or successful remedies and incorporate them. This is where you will end the applicants who are not really suitable for the role. List of specific responsibilities and duties: There was no list mentioned in the job description that explains responsibilities and duties. Duties are used to define the main element of the job, and the ability of the candidate to do their jobs well. Responsibilities are used to define the activity required for the job. Writing job advertisement is just like writing any other advertisement, first, you need to connect your target audience, then you will need to communicate with them in their understandable languages and then, in the end, you will have to officer them what they deserve. Nothing can be worse than writing and post an effective job advertisement for a vacant position and then you are not receiving responses on them or you are receiving all those responses who are eligible or not fitting the criteria. Improvement in the quality of your response (in opposition to quantity) starts well with having written advertising (all about the first impressing candidate ismaking about your organization), which is actually going to target the appropriate candidates.
Captivating Job Title: Attracting the Right Talent_3

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