Scene Analysis of Drive's Apartment Scene


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Shot List: Scene Analysis Essay 1There are various observations in the apartment scene of Drive movie. Following are some of the analyzed observations.Enigma: The unknown character who drives the car creates enigma of the film `Drive`. The mysterious and dark setting of the movie in the dark creates an enigma for the film about the driver that makes a person watching the movie to have an unsure idea about his personality such as how the man earns his living or what is going to do. The bag adds to that enigma, the reason being the closeness he maintains with it, and then place it in a secure place which makes an impression that there could be something dangerous in the bag. The bird’s eye viewof the car also adds to the enigma, as it gives the unsure idea about where he is travelling to, and if anyone is keeping an eye on him at all times.Location: A one bedroom apartment where the man leaves his bag is the location for the scene. It seems like his run-down apartment which is used very rarely.Theme: The dark setting of the scene accompanied by few shots of him making him be perceived as a secretive character indicates towards the very mysterious theme. Seriousness on his face implies that he is seeking to get something finished, or he is in the middle of the process of finishing it. The shots showing him always on the move in his car could present him as a wanted man or be followed by someone, which requires him to continue moving. This induces a dangerous sense about him Opening credits: The credits fade in and out making them subtle which they do not distract anyone from the film’s plot. Their pink color contrasts with dark background making them clearly visible and noticeable. Title’s color does not match crime drama genre of the film as one would never think of the pink color to go with it.
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