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Importance of Event in Sickkids Hospital Fundraise

Added on -2019-09-16

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SickKids Gala5PM-12AM = 7 hoursExecutive Overview/ Introduction & Value Proposition-Summary (paragraph format) -Who-What -When-Where-WhyExecutionDate: Saturday, October 21 (8 months)VenueHospital Space? Stage Classy Good Lighting Seats IndoorKitchen Dressing rooms for special guests Event LayoutCocktails and appetizers before dinnerSilent auction throughout the night Seating and special speakers after cocktail hour Followed by dinner and a concert Guests SubscribersDonors MC/hostPerformersSpecial guest speakers (2) Artists (3) 1 headliner (Paul McCartney) 2 local bands Food/Catering Catering company waitersWine Gourmet foods Silent Auction (all funds donated)10 items at high value PhotographerVideographer (1)
Photo taker (1) DecorationsFloral ArrangementsTable Cards Volunteers Set up/tear downMarketing SickKids Website Support Groups Social Media Promotions from headlinersEmail invitations to subscribers/ donorsInvitations Special invitations (50)Music Jazz Classical Music Hotel Discounts for out of town guestsHotel Recommendations Menu Vegan VegetarianNon-vegetarian3 courses Importance of event Promote awareness Raise funds for sickkids hospital Fundraise: TBD Time/Budget OverviewDeadline: 8 monthsBudget: TBD Benefit of our Project People who are passionate about the cause have a chance to get connected and support the organization Define Requirements StakeholdersCustomer SickKids: receiving the money, to ensure that the name is associated with a positive experience Project Users
Patrons/supporters: To provide the resources necessary to help SickKids organization save livesPatients: benefactors of SickKidsProject Sponsor CEO of SickKids: To approve project plans, time, scope and budgetProject TeamOrganizing team supporting Nancy: Amalia, Lenore Lang, Boyang Subject Experts Special Speakers: providing information and spreading awareness about the causeCatering Employees: Using their serving knowledge to provide good serviceSecurity: To ensure safety of guests and performersProject ManagerNancy : Ensure successful completion of project Complete the Business Case (identifying purpose and why the project should be approved)Design the Plan Work Breakdown Structure : TBD1.Major elements of the project (what must be delivered to achieve success) 2.Define the product’s major deliverables3.Decompose major deliverables to a level of detail appropriate for management and control (can adequate estimates be developed at this level?) 4.Review and refine WBS until project stakeholders agree that project planning canbe successfully completed and that execution and control will successfully produce the desired outcome*Can each task be scheduled? Budgeted? Assigned? Project Plan- For each activity, associate who is doing it? How long will it take? How much will itcost and whether it depends on another task being completed? A Project Budget – Detailed project costs and expected revenue Responsibility Matrix- identifying different levels of stakeholder responsibility for each work package Build & Execute Discuss how you would monitor and control the project while it is underway (Highlight your specific KPI’s, and monitoring system) Show the Communication Plan for what information each stakeholder requires throughout the projectComplete a Project Risk Assessment Form

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