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Organizational Structure Environmental Analysis Report

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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I.Executive SummaryII.IntroductionIII.ObjectivesIV.HistoryV.National Pilot LaunchVI.Corporate Governance, Mission, Vision and stakeholders of The Silver LineVII.The Silver Line’s Organizational StructureVIII.Environmental analysis to analyze the viability of this expansionIX.PESTLE analysis in checking Viability of ExpansionX.Challenges while fundraisingXI.Recommendations for managing this Expansion
Executive SummaryThis report covers external & internal environment, resources surrounding Silver Line UK. Thecore emphasis lies in the strategy planned & involved in key analyzing company’s strength &competence.The Silver Line UK was established to support lonely and isolated older people. With a trainedstaffs it provides care which supports free laugh & cry through helpline. Silver UK with keyvision to serve more & expand in a new place, the funds utilized from the clients & other donorsshould be well aligned with the vision & mission of the organization. A PESTLE analysis wasdone in the new area ‘London Borough of Haringay’for Silver UK to set up.IntroductionThe Silver Line Organization is a charity serves isolated elderly in the UK accessible seven daysa week, 24 hours a day. As a background Silver UK is a charity which offers a free confidentialtelephone helpline which provides support, care, guidance, offering information & friendship toolder people in the United Kingdom. It is limited by guarantee. It was established on thefoundation of helping & providing a free consult to older people who are lonely & has no one totake care off. Since the organization is a charity types hence operational & communication withthe board of trustees to the clients to stakeholders & community needs to serve long termperspective goals. The fundraised through the client or via public has to be judiciously usedwhile expanding in a new city or division. In-depth analysis was done onLondon Borough ofHaringay to conclude if the expansion plans of Silver UK is sustainable & viable from a longterm perspective.ObjectivesSilver UK helpline was established on the below objectives & aims:To be best available helpline whichprovides solace to older peopleToprovide healthy support & adviceRequested callers to be redirected to the local groupsOffer information & regularfriendshipcalls and servicesTo guide & protect those who fall in anabusetrapand feel neglectedTo offerfree laughs, cries, share sorrows, misery & provide a breakthrough for elders whoare imprisoned with emotionsTo recruit more people/trained staff that could do counsel, guide & do a brief, continuousweekly/routinely follow ups with the older people to make them emotionally stable &spread happiness.The identified callers for a better resolution will directed to organizations such as Contact theElderly,Samaritans,WRVSor theTownswomen's Guild.
HistoryEsther Rantzen after the death of her husband felt aloof , lonely & understood the misery ofmillions of similar aged people. To support such cause she first established ChildLine for lonely& depressed Childs in 1986. Later in her life stages she also wrote the despair & grief of lonelyold age elders who could do not share have anyone to share their emotions & are left to grief. Itwas described as creepy which loses one confidence.Rantzen and MP Burstow are listed among the trustees of The Silver Line helpline & the CEO ofThe Silver Line is Sophie Andrews. The helpline is a charity registered in the UK underregistration no. 1147330.National Pilot launchThe Silver Line was launched nationally on 25 November 2013 with a funding of £5 million bythe Big Lottery Fund to provide services to needy people. It was widely prompted throughmedia, Open with a 24 hours service to counsel & help isolated old age.Surveys was done to check effectiveness & initially 11,000 calls recorded in just 2 weeks &touched a millionth call this year. Through telephone chat services volunteers/staff were able toelude 84% of old age loneliness.Corporate Governance, Mission, Vision and stakeholders of The Silver LineThe Silver Line was established to on strong grounds governed by board of trustees & it wasincorporated as a company limited by guarantee. It is registered as a charity in England andWales on 18 May 2012 and its registered number is 1147330. The Silver Line HelplineEnterprises Limited was formed as a trading subsidiary and incorporated at Companies House inAugust 2014 (The Centre for Social Justice, 2013). CEO, small staff & trustees regularly meet todetermine the strategic direction, operations, issues/tasks handled by the Charity. They decidebudgeting, planning & risks mapped while handling routine, important tasks/issues in parameterswith the framework set by board meetings. It gets approved by each member within thegoverning body, CEO, staff & by finance and governance subcommittees. The Finance andGovernance Committee & Remuneration Committee measures risk & litigation while mappingmonthly/weekly financial reports, reviewing new/old budgets, financial controls and judging theobjectives set out in the Charity’s business plan. It reviews Governance manual & make sureCharity adheres to written policies. On areas such as Vulnerable Beneficiaries, RiskManagement, Conflicts of Interest Volunteer Management and Complaints Handling. Yearly allthe committees & sub committees reviews financial controls & map key success of strategicallyplanning & execution done. The various committees/sub committees formed CEO reports tothem, reviews & roll out a CEO report to plan out things. The board meets four times alongwith Finance & Governance committee. Authority & responsibility is delegated to theCommittee on specific items. The review analysis, management of risks is done periodically &approved by the trustee’s board. The Charity identifies reviews and takes appropriate actions tolower risks as per the skills set of the governance.Incase of new nominees open recruitment process is done by Nominations Committee. Trainings,induction programs is conducted for the new trustees before at least one of the board meetings &
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