Simplifying Internet & Marketing - Case Study On Google

Added on - Sep 2019

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simplifyingInternet &MarketingOBJECTIVEToday Everyone knows that Advertising and promotions on the internet are veryessential, but it is very challenging to known about the end results and how to achievethem by applying various strategies.The main objective of Google Search Engine is to filter Organic and Paid search result.Google want organic results to be unpaid and real. While for inorganic search enginesGoogle will use priority and package-based ratings. Google want to overcome the issuessuch as Spiders, Crawlers and Bots. One major issue was fraud in the search result bythe third partyLink fraud suppresses the reliability of Google's main search product, so when a firmengaged in linking farming, as discovered by search giants farming, they release thehammer.Google firms need to secure against gaming organic indexed lists reliably. In the secondcase, the Brooklyn-based Ivory firm has said (however negative documentations) to getmore positioning influenced links from benefit survey locales because of theunfortunate propensity of the clients. One of the important objectives of Google is tomaintain the privacy and security of its users, as Google used to offer interest-basedadvertising.Search, Online Advertising,and BeyondGoogle
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