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Running head: RDIT - CREDIT TASK 6.3SIT740 Research and Development in Information TechnologyCredit Task 6.3: Investigate the tool, for a given problemStudent Name:University Name:
RDIT - CREDIT TASK 6.31In this modern world of technology, the commuters still face a major issue whiletravelling from one place to another that is either for holiday or for work. There arises a questionevery day that are they satisfied with the navigational facilities and do they feel safe, hence it hasbeen decided that a transit management system will help to ease the problems of commuters. Theobjective of this simulation is a tool that will help to simulate the solution in a better way so thatthe real life consequences of the system can be well understood. In this report, the features of thetool “Sumo” is also presented that will help to achieve a better idea of the simulation tool. Theadvantage that is being offered by the simulation tool is that it helps to achieve results for anysimulation being designed by the users. The tool also helps to find the anomalies easier such thatthose can be modified accurately. The disadvantage of the tool is that it has a complex interfacedue to which users often find it difficult to operate. The basic feature of this tool is thatsimulation can be run until the connections have been properly made with every object. This toolalso features command line that can be used for designing of the simulation program.

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