SIT772 - Database and Information Retrieval

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Running head: DATABASE MAAGEMENT SYSTEMDatabase Management SystemName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note
1DATABASE MAAGEMENT SYSTEMAnswer to question number 1The main advantages of using the database over the other file systems in the computerare:It provides a very efficient way of storing the data in the system.This would also help in maintaining the data integrity n the system.This would also provide efficient backup and restore functions for the systems.Answer to question number 2The provided table is Shopping (ItemID, ItemName, ItemYear, ItemPrice, RetailerID,RetailerName)After the normalization functions are performed on the tables the table would be divided intothree different tables.Item (ItemID, ItemName, ItemYear)Price (ItemID, RetailerID ItemName, ItemPrice)Retailer (RetailerID, RetailerName)SET ECHO ON;select * from item order by item_ID;
2DATABASE MAAGEMENT SYSTEMselect * from price order by retailer_ID, item_ID;select * from retailer order by retailer_ID;desc item;

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