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ADM80003 A Research Paper on Fuel tanks | buggy tank

Added on - 14 Nov 2019

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Six Sigma1SIX SIGMAA Research Paper on Fuel tanks byStudent’s NameName of the ProfessorInstitutional AffiliationCity/StateYear/Month/Day
Six Sigma2IntroductionThis research paper requires the analysis of the production process according to theprovided data. There is also a need of proposing chart analysis of Supplier Process OutputsCustomers for the process of manufacturing of buggy tank together with key stakeholders andcritical information of the operations of manufacturing.Building a SIPOC DiagramDuring the process of creation of the SIPOC diagram, the team four individuals willbegin by first asking questions concerning the process of process of manufacturing of buggytank. The team will then label the procedure with outlines of the most important 6 steps followedby the documentation of what is delivered and by whom[CITATION The14 \p 187 \l 1033 ].Thisprioritization and brainstorming of critical inputs end the undertakings around SIPOC’s building.The diagram below shows a chart analysis of Supplier Process Outputs Customers for theprocess of manufacturing of buggy tankSuppliersInputProcessOutputsCustomersPrinterManufacturersGas StationSuppliersFuel for carsCarsFuel for carsOptionpackagesStep 1: Lasercutting.Step 2: Foldingusing foldingmachineStep 3: Tracking andfilling corners usingmanual welding jig.Step 4: Roboticwelding stationStep 5: Leak testing.Step 6: Finalinspection.Service contractPaperwork todealer/manufacturersPaymentsNotificationservicesNew client accountService dept.Departments ofmotor vehicleCar buyerDealership owner.MetricsMetricsMetricsResponsiveness ofthe systems to beused inmanufacturing thefuel tanks. TheRedo the percentageof the steps in theprocessFuel tank quality whichis determined throughthe comments of thecustomersQuality
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