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Skeleton for Unit 6 MSBP – Created by RIINTRODUCTIONInteraction and integration between peoples, companies and governments on worldwide level refers to the globalisation. It is describe as a process through which domestic andterritorial economies system, societies and culture get integrated by worldwide connections oftrade, communication, immigration and transportation (Ahmed, Jimenez-Jimenez andMartínez-Costa, 2013). The main reason behind occurrence of globalisation is attractinginternational funding, getting multinational products and enhancing trade. Organization takenfor this assignment is Jaguar which is founded by William Lyons in year 1933. It is a luxuryvehicle brand which is owned Jaguar by Jaguar Land Rover and its headquarter is in Whitley,England, United Kingdom. They serve their products and services to worldwide audiences ormarket. The main objective of this report is to evaluate and analysis objective and aim forscenario of Jaguar (Crane and Matten, 2016). Along with this it evaluate project managementplans that include cost, time, resource, quality and scope needed while developing project.Their are various positive impact of expanding business on global basis on Jaguar incontext of United Kingdom, which are explained below:-Economic impact-When respective company decide to expand its business in globalmarket it seems beneficial for them because by it they increase their profit and market shares.Through globalisation there is enhancement in economic condition of Jaguar as well as theirdomestic country.Cultural impact-By the help of globalisation Jaguar able to develop diverse culture attheir workplace by recruiting staffs from different countries or outsource existing employees.By this respective company able get various innovative ideas and plans which help themwhile expanding their business at international market in effective and efficient manner.Ethical impact-By the help of globalisation Jaguar able to know about ethical andlegal laws of various countries which help them in conducting their business in effective andefficient manner. By understanding ethics of different countries Jaguar upgrade and developtheir rules and regulations accordingly.Research BackgroundGlobalisation refers to the process by which a company can sell their products andservices in an other country. It means they can expand their business in international marketby which they can increase their profit and market shares. In respect of Jaguar, it is a Britishmultinational luxury car manufacturing brand and it has many competitors like BMW, Audi
and so on. Jaguar get high competitive advancement by the help of globalisation, they able tosell their products in international market (Den Hertog, Van der Aa and De Jong, 2010). Bythis respective company can trade their products and services from one country to anothercountry easily and enhance their profit and numbers of customers.Topic:Aim of the project:-“To determine the positive economic, cultural, and ethical impacts ofglobalisation on different business functions within an organisation”. A case study on Jaguar.Objectives:-The major objective behind presenting this research is mentioned below:-To evaluate role of globalisation in expansion of a business at international market.To identify challenges faced by Jaguar in running its operational functions whileglobalising the business.To determine ways through which Jaguar can expand its business in Africanmarketplace.To ascertain positive impact of economic, cultural, and ethical practices on differentbusiness functions within an organisation at the time of globalisation.Questions:What is role of globalisation in expansion of a business at international market?What are the major challenges faced by Jaguar in running its operational functionswhile globalising the business ?What are the ways through which Jaguar can expand its business in Africanmarketplace ?What are the positive impact of economic, cultural, and ethical practices on differentbusiness functions within an organisation at the time of globalisation.Research Plan:-Project Title“To determine the positive economic, cultural, andethical impacts of globalisation on different businessfunctions within an organisation”.Project PlanCompany Name:JaguarCostIn order top conduct effective research Jaguar required20 K and for expansion of business in internationalmarket they required at least £200 million.ScopeIn this the researcher of a company identify future scopeof their sustainability. After conducting research Jaguar
managers develop strategies and plans to conductsbusiness operations in effective and efficient manner.This will help them in achieving their objective andoperations in effective and appropriate manner. Themarket of Europe consider as good market opportunitiesbecause there per capita income is high and availabilityof raw material easily.TimeResearcher of Jaguar take approximate 4 months toconduct their research and approximate 1 year for theimplementation of strategies.QualityFor purpose of getting research in effective mannerresearcher have to maintain quality of research so thatthey get appropriate outcome (Gebauer, Edvardsson andBjurko, 2010).The quality of the project is based onauthenticity and reliability of data.If researcher ofJaguar maintain quality of research they able to identifyimpact of globalisation on their company and atdifferent department. the techniques which is use byrespective company for manufacturing and promotionmust be of best quality.CommunicationResearcher of the Jaguar use mobile technology tocommunicate with each other in effective manner. Suchtechnology use like email, video and voice call and soon. For expand their business in global and tocommunicate with target audiences respective companyuse social media techniques. Which is most popular andeffective tool for communication.RiskBefore expanding business in international market it isresponsibilities of manager of Jaguar to conduct riskanalysis so that they make effective plans and strategiesaccordingly. The major risk that Jaguar can face whileentering into international market is the financial andeconomic condition of particular country. If they didn'tanalysis about economical condition of country in whichthey want to expand respective company can face major
issues and problems. Jaguar researcher may also facerisk while conducting research due to culturaldifference.ResourcesIt is responsibilities of researcher to utilised its resourcein appropriate manner to make their research effectiveand efficient (Jones and Lubinski, 2012). For this aresearcher of Jaguar must select appropriate resourcessuch as raw materials, employees etc. to attain theirobjective and goal in effective manner. Resources whichare used in process can be in both way tangible orintangible. Major resource for conducting manufacturingprocess of respective company are funds, raw materials,experienced labour and so on.Type of ResearchPrimary and SecondaryPrimary data collection method: It refers to the originalsource of data because in it researcher is collect data orinformation first-handed. It is quite expensive and timetaking process as compare to secondary data. Jaguar canuse primary data collection method to collect fresh, newand accurate data or information. This will help them inmaking appropriate strategies and plans on basis ofdata. Their are various primary method by whichrespective company can collect data such as interview,questionnaire, observation, door to door survey andmany more.Secondary data collection method:In this process dataor information is collected by someone and used bysomeone else (Kankaanranta and Planken, 2010). Thistype of collection of data save time as well as cost of acompany. These data or informations are not fresh andsome time is is not seems accurate. If Jaguar usesecondary data collection method they can save theirmoney and time of conducting survey. For this methodthey can use several ways like study documents of
government, census, personal record, service record andso on.Qualitative and QuantitativeFor the purpose of conducting appropriate investigationa company can use various available researchmethodologies that help them in collecting, organising,realising and interpretation information or data inaccurate manner (Lai and Ong, 2010). It can be done byvarious ways such as qualitative and quantitativeapproaches, designing of research, data analysis andmany more. For this Jaguar use two main and basicmethod which are explain below:-Qualitative research methodologies: It is a primarilyexploratory research which is use to gain an knowing ofinherent reasons, motivations and opinions. In thiscollection and interpretation of data are done byobserving peoples. If respective organization conductthis research method in their organisation they canenhance their ability to evaluate statistical data in moreappropriate manner (Lin and Chen, 2012). It save timeand cost of Jaguar because data are collected from smallparticipants. By this they can motivate their employeesso that they understand their responsibilities and workaccordingly in effective manner.Quantitative research methodologies: It refers to theconsideration of evaluating and screening facts of socialstandard. Qualitative research is evaluate and measureby analysing numerical comparisons. It is a formalprocess by which respective company can determinevariables and relations between them. This can be doneby Jaguar in various ways such as questionnaires,interviewing, observation and records. By using thismethod respective company can identify appropriatesolutions and answer of any issue by using numericaldata.
Work Break Down Structure:-It is refers to the process in which all activities mentioned in project is divided intosmall manageable portions so that it can operate easily and effectively. It is also helpful todetermine total expenditure required for conducting and completing project in appropriatemanner (Shang, 2012). Along-with this it help company to allot time for each sections andactivities in effective manner. By implementing Work breakdown structure Jaguar managerscontrol their overall expenses and improve effectiveness of project. This will help respectivecompany in utilising resources as well as time in effective and efficient manner which leadsto achievement of goal in appropriate way.Gantt Chat:-It is develop by Henry L. Gantt in year 1917, he is a American engineer and socialscientist. Gantt chart is a horizontal bar chat used in management projects and it givegraphical art of activities which help for planning, coordinating and tracking particular taskin project (Smith, 2011). Simple Gantt Chat may be created on a graph paper and complexversion is created on Microsoft project or excel. According to mentioned below chat it cananalysis that major activities are divided into various sub points such as discover the researchtopic, formulate aims and objective, review of literature, data analysis, result and
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