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Slide 1: CoverAbout GodivaSlide 2: AgendaThe following Power Point Presentation has been developed to analyze the market position andsales development of the company and the various factors behind the success of the CompanyGodiva.Slide 3: IntroductionGodiva has been able to create an impression of bringing into the perspective, the variousstrategies that can be applied by the chocolate manufacturing firm which is seen to be inline with the technology and the product quality.The following project has been developed for analyzing the market position and salesdevelopment of the company and the various factors behind the success of the companySlide 4: BackgroundGodiva Chocolatier is a Hong Kong based company which began its processes in 1926 inBrussels, Belgium. The company is recognized as one of the leading brand of finechocolates. The fine products of Godiva range from praline chocolates, shell-moldedchocolates and truffles, coffees, biscuits collections, chocolate drinks representing thededication of the company towards excellence. Godiva has been embodying the art ofchocolates with a creative and innovative approach towards texture, flavor andappearance.
Slide 5: Research QuestionThe research questions have been listed below:What is the current marketing strategy and sales growth of the company?What are the strengths of the company as compared to its rivals?What are the strategies that can be employed by the company for advancing the salesvolume of the company?Slide 6: ObjectivesIn light of the research aim, the research objectives were carried out in rode to help in abetter explanation of the research topic which is chosen for this particular study. Theresearch objective is to determine the current marketing strategy and sales growth and theimpact of market segmentation and strategies on the market and sales performance of thecompany. Slide 7: MethodsThis research study has used primary and secondary methods of research to assess thevarious aspects of marketing strategies and sales development techniquesBy having personal interaction with the customers, a better understanding regarding theopinion of customers was obtained The questionnaire was used to assess the current market scenario to determine thebehavior and attitude of customers and employee of the Godiva for market strategies.

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