Small Business Enterprise of Austin Fraser

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Small BusinessEnterprise
INTRODUCTIONSmall business enterprise are operating their business at small level but they are bigcontributors of economy development.It provides opportunity to local people to show theircapabilities to the world(Nga and Shamuganathan, 2010). Government of every country givesvarious support facilities to these corporations in order to encourage commercial operation ofthese organisations. It is very important for these business units to implement change concept intheir day to day activities to attract large number of investors. Austin Fraser is a consultancy firmbased in UK, specialist in recruitment consultants. Profile of company along with its strengthsand weakness will be described in this report. Furthermore, comparative analysis of enterprisewith its competitors will be studied in this assignment. Suggestion will be given so that entitycan overcome from its weakness. Impact of changes on the business will be discussed in thisreport.TASK 11.1 Profile of business with its strengths and weaknessFor producing a profile of a business it is very important to understand and give emphasison its short and long term objectives. It is necessary to understand type and nature of businessalong with this its main competitors and its target market. Austin Fraser is consultancy firmwhich is specialists in recruitment, provide digital, automation and a number of services to largenumber of corporate customers. Company is growing fast and it is getting many contractsfrequently.SWOT analysisSWOT analysis is the process which help enterprises in knowing its main strengths,weakness and then plan its actions accordingly. It helps firms in planning or making theirstrategic and marketing plan. In SWOT strengths and weakness are internal whetheropportunities or threats are external(Jasra and et. al., 2012). This analysis help company inproperly utilising its strengths to decrease the effect of its weakness or use exploitingopportunities in a way so that effect of threats on business activities can be minimised. Thishelps firm in arranging resources to achieve set objectives and targets.Strength:Strength refers to the enterprise's special characteristic which makes it able to achieve itsgoal. It helps organisations in performing well in the competitive market. Strengths of a company1
can be anything for example its various financial resources, skilled employees etc. which help inachieving smoothness in its commercial operations. Main strengths of Austin Fraser includes thefollowing:Firm provides specific informations to its clients.Professional consultantEffective managementWeaknessWeaknesses are limitation which decreases firm's effectiveness of performing varioustasks. It can be unavailability of resources, unskilled workforce, lack of public confidence andmany more. Main lacking points of Austin Fraser are as follows:Lack of researchUnable toreach to potential customers.OpportunitiesOpportunities are the favourable environmental conditions through which firm canaccomplish its goal(Al-Dajani and Marlow, 2010). To achieve success it is very important forcompany that to utilise its resources in effective manner so that it can deliver better services to itscustomers than its competitors. It is essential that entity turns opportunities into success.Following are the main opportunities for Austin Fraser:Emerging new markets and technologyAvailability of finance from various sources such as bank loan, investors etc.ThreatsThreats are that situations which create conflicts or hinder for firm's process of achievingits objectives. Changed that are introduced by government in policies can also perform as a threatto organisation. Threats of Austin Fraser includes the following:Changes in legislation and government policiesProcess of certification1.2 Analysis of business using comparative measuresBusiness performance analysis is very important in order understand current level ofentity. It can be done by comparing company's performance with its competitors those who areoperating in the same field.2
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