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INTRODUCTIONFor the development and growth of the country small business enterprise play veryimportant role. Because large scale business are depend on the small business because theyprovide inputs and raw material to them. Small business are kind of enterprise which they haveless than 50 employees and their main purpose it to generate income to provide goods andservices to the various customers. These kind of small business are help to improve livingstandard of the people. Zizzi restaurant is small business which provide good and tasty food andother service like hotel rooms in UK(Aremu and Adeyemi, 2011). They attract the customers bycharismatic interior so many people can take interest to go in their restaurant. Strength andweakness of the enterprise will also included in report. A proper business plan which helps toincrease the profitability of the organisation will also discussed in report.TASK 11.1 Analyse strength and weaknesses and profile of Zizzi restaurantThe main purpose of cited organisation is to provide good food and quality services tomany clients and generate income. Innovation is another objective this restaurant which helps toattract the customers in large geographical area. Attractive interior is the main charm or givenrestaurant so that clients are attracted. They provide good and tasty food not only to local butalso foreign customers(Bianch and, 2010). Many strategies can be adopted by citedorganisation and also focuses on effective implementation of them. Entertainment services,provide comfortable rooms and dining is the another services which is provided by the Zizzirestaurant. These services are help to feels the customer more relaxed.Name of organisation: ZizziAddress of company: Hereford HR 4 9HRType of Food: ItalianYear of Founded: 1999CEO : Steve HolmesNumber of Stores: 140 branches in UK4
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