Small Business Enterprise Assignment : Reviveaphone

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Small Business Enterprise
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INTRODUCTIONSmall business enterprise is a large scope for growth of the economy. In the present era,there are many private owned firms which are managed and controlled by the owner itself. Inother words, it can be said that small business enterprises are those organisation which have veryfewer numbers of employees and which have only less amount of capital for investing in thebusiness activities and functions.Categorisation of organisation develops on the decision ofowners and take large support from the government in order to establish the business in themarket. In other word it can be said that small business enterprise are those companies who have50 or less than 50 employees or staff members, they would come into the category of smallbusiness enterprise. The present report is based on small business enterprise of UK whichprovides depth knowledge about SME business.Reviveaphone is a small business enterprise inthe UK which is famous for its mobile repair kit solution through which it can repair thedamaged mobile phone from the water fallen within 1 hour. It provides effective warranty andguarantee to customer for its repairing. The major objective of this small business enterprise is toacquire the large number of customer and gain highest profitability in the market. This projectgives assessment on existing business objective and plans. Moreover, a systematic action plan toimplement the changes has also been discussed in this report.
TASK 11. organisation profile and strength and weaknessCompany’s name is Reviveaphone which is dealing with the business of mobile repair. Itis specialised in DIY products which can bring water damaged mobile phone back to life within24 hours. Murphy (owner) pitched to the Dragons.Murphy has announced sales of 13000 repairkits and conduct discussion were underway with leading airline virgin, easyjey and flybe to offerthe kits on the broad their flight. Cited organisation provides the most innovation mobile repairsolution to its customers along with 1 year warranty. It offers call out repair services with fixinganything from smashed screens to broken buttons. It understands the busy schedules ofcustomers so that it will repair damaged mobile phone within 30 minutes to 1 hour.Reviveaphone have major competitors are NH Iphone repair, iphone surgery, quikfix phonerepair, 168 fixit etc.Cited small business enterprise provides 12 month guarantee and warrantee to itscustomer and its major feature of this kit repair solution is that damaged mobile [phone canrepair within 1 hour by this solution.Following are some strengths of Reviveaphone -Reviveaphone major strength is its outstanding and quality repairing services of mobilephone and iPad. It understands the busy schedules of customers so it repairs the mobilephone within 30 minutes to 1 hour (Bean, 2015).Illustration1: Reviveaphone
The most extreme strength of cited small business is that there is no need to sendcustomer precious phone away, client can quickly and easily fix it at home. With theassistance of Reviveaphone repair kit, customer's mobile phone can be back to full wellin 24 hour.It repair Vehicles are fully ESD fitted, it means company have a perfect environment ofrepair the mobile and iPad devices.Reviveaphone has strict data protection policy. Moreover, customer data will not beremoved from the device during repairing Ipad, iPhone or iPod repair.Following are some of the weaknesses of Reviveaphone-Technological change is another major weakness of the cited organisation because bycontinuous changing technology, company has to modify its business operations.This firm requires a trained staff and make them capable to fix different mobile phone.Mobile phone business is hard to forecast and control and it has unstable sales because itis different from traditional industries like food retai (Björklund, 2011)Sales and profits depend on the number of broken phones and company cannot predict itsrevenue on the basis of business operations.Along with this, the cited firm has worked for limited customer base.Inappropriate technical support is also a negative aspect of small business enterprise.Lack of technical support makes the operations delay because there is limited machineryavailable in the Revivaphone.Small business enterprises are mostly owned by a single person and thus, Revivaphonefaced the issue regarding decision making. Owner takes the decision without involvementof personnel. Due to lots of responsibilities over a single person, making quick decisiongenerally hampers its quality.As per the above discussion it has been ascertained that there are various kinds of componentwhich affect the business operations and activities. Customer perceptions and choice is the majorfactor which affect business. Revivea have to consider the customer taste and preference while itoperate business in the country. Price is another factor for the reviveaphone because companyhave to consider this component while it enter into the market. Political and legal is anotherexternal factor which affect company regulation and norms. Technology is another component
for business because cited venture have to adopt the consider on the latest technology of mobileand telecommunication.1.2Assessing the comparative performance of businessIn order to measure the performance of the Revivaphone firm , comparative analysis can beused. With assistance of this it can easily compare the current and previous performance levelof the organisation. Some of the methods are as follows-Customer survey-As per the customer survey it has been founded that Reviveaphone firmproviding an excellent mobile repair services to its customer in the UK market. However, ithave large numbers of competitor available in the market which performing better ascompare to cited venture. (Butler, 2010) Along with this Revivaphone firm have issueregarding lower market share as compare to its competitor in the UK market.Financial statement-Revivaphone is a start-up business so it have not strong financialposition in the mobile repair industry. When owner of starts the business in the reviveaphinecompany then its income is just £20,000 turnover and £3,000 net profit from Unitedkingdom..It has been clear that there is required to improving its financial performance.Iphone surgery is the major competitor of the Reviveaphone organisation. It gives the toughcompetition to Reviveaphone to gain high market share and conduct operations in the competitive
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