Report On Smart Cars' Construction

Added on - 23 Feb 2020

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Smart Cars1SMART CARSA Report on Construction ByStudent’s NameName of the ProfessorInstitutional AffiliationCity/StateYear/Month/Day
Smart Cars2Abstract:In current years, traveling times has highly increased since many people secure many jobs long distancefrom where they reside. In most scenario, people reside in the suburban locations hence they use their personal carsto travel to cities where they work. Some drivers would wish to use their traveling times effectively by playinggames, reading newspapers, doing research through laptop and doing other activities which are not driving activitiesdone on a car. Therefore a smart car is speculated as one of the best ways to help reduce and in some cases eliminatedriver tasks during traveling. The main aim of this is to write about smart vehicles and how connected vehicleswould be better for better driving decision making by exchanging information between vehicles. Therefore roadtraffic control can be effectively managed by the adoption of these smart cars.Of a great importance is the road accident which may often occur due to congestion of vehicle on the roadis highly reduced if not fully eliminated through Vehicle-to-vehicle communication. The present techniques used invehicle –to-infrastructure face some problems like the high additional cost of infrastructure which makes it notinappropriate. This vehicular is promoted by the higher number of the vehicle in urban areas since with a lot ofvehicle within a small location (congestion) may result to accident hence use of the vehicle –to-vehicle will beemployed to help solve such problemIntroductionSmart car system will highly resolve many of the complaint traveler faces regarding long distance traveland the wasted time while driving daily to their daily activities. Intelligent transportation system differs intechnologies used from rudimentary control system like traffic signal management system, car navigation. There aresome technologies which are put in place to help achieve this concept of smart cars.Wireless communication. Different forms of wireless communication have been anticipated for these smart carsystem. Ultra High Frequency and very high frequency are fully adopted for a long and short range within the smartcar systems. Short range communication is of about 350 m and it can be accomplished by the help of dedicatedshort Range communications ethics being supported by some societies like Intelligent Transportation Society ofAmerica. For long range wireless communication, it is have been anticipated using infrastructure networks likeWiMAX, 3 G, Global system for mobile communication ( GSM).
Smart Cars3Computational technologies. The current improvements in vehicle electronics have made move headed for manyaccomplished computer processors on a car. A prototype car in early years of 2000 had between 20 and 100individual microcontroller or even PLC (programmable Logic Control) having no real time OS ( operating system).Sensing technology. (Bluetooth detection, Audio detection and information fusion from several traffic modalities).Intelligent transportation vehicle system will change and help in several ways in the transportation sector in theworld. Some of this advantage which this smart car will offer are; autonomous driving where the car will beprogrammed to enable it to drive by itself in highways, Internet connectivity where the owners of the vehicles areconnected to their own cars can the owners can track their cars in case of theft. With the smart cars, the drivers areassured of the assisted driving where the camera on the car will show the driver when he or she is drifting out of theroad.These smart cars are installed withInfotainment System where the drivers are able to connect their cars to theirsmartmobile phone and play music and use the internet connectivity for browsing. This Infotainment Systems willenable the user to use their app on their car’s display like weather apps, streaming apps among other which willinform and entertain the driver as he drives in the highways. These cars will also help in ensuring the security of thecar. Such cars are installed with Biometrics having devices which allow only the fingerprint of the owner,heartbeatof the owner, eye-scanner which the owner will employ to enable him or her open the doors of his or car doors.Havingthese smart cars makes traveling comfortable and simple, as it can even enable children to be driven toschool alone to schools without being accompanied by their parents.Using the smart carstraffic accidents will highly be educed as there will be communication between cars(vehicle –to- vehicle communication). Tofully ensure that accidents are fully reduced on the road, the following aresome of the safety applications which are used in conjunction with vehicle-to-to vehicle communication;Risky location caution: obstacle detection, accidents reporting.Favoring ambulances, police cars and fire trucksCautions on arriving intersections.Abrupt stop cautions: forward accident caution, pre-crash sensing or
Smart Cars4Traffic efficiency employs the scenarios of those which are set to advance the efficiency of the conveyance networkby giving info to the drivers of the vehicles. The vehicle gives information on;Viable speed limitIntelligent inspectionsPromotes Route Navigation and GuidanceMerging Assistance.In the diagram below shows coordination of vehicle while moving on the road,Fig 1:coordination of vehicle while moving on the road.(Yaobin C, 2015)RELATED WORKIn recent years, some companies and industries have tried to develop smart cars having vehicle-to-vehiclecommunication but they haven’t exhausted the technology to enable them attain higher efficiency. In the US, smart
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