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Smart Locking System for Homes - PDF

Added on - 13 Nov 2020

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Smart Locking System for HomesIntroduction:House keys stand among the most commonly misplaced items in big cities nowadays, security is atop priority. So it is more convenient, that you in have to keep track of yet another key or worryabout how to pass off the key to someone else. It ensures convenient authentication and unlocks, soyou in have to worry about lost or forgotten keys. Those user-friendly innovations, as the new life-changing smart locks and keys, allow us to catch up with technology and ease our daily life. Forinstance, to place at the forefront of smart options, smart keyless locks are programmed to allowcertain people to have access to the entity.Virtual keys give you a valuable security option to lockand unlock your doors easily, furthermore, you can load various options such as turning on lightswhen the door opens and etc. that key can interact via a free app on your Android or Apple device. Asingle smartphone application is able to control your locks and other smart home devicessimultaneously.The integration of your smart locks into your security system can increaseconnectivity among all of your devices. They allow you to lock and unlock doors remotely. A fullyintegrated home automation system notifies you of doubtful events and enables you to continuallymonitor your home. Smart locks offer advantages to homeowners who are searching for to betterguard and easily handle their homeplace.Advantages of Traditional Door Lock: Cheap price, simple installation and disadvantagesMade of ordinary metal, it is easy to break the lock or break in Or incidents for users such as lostkeys, forgotten keys Lock, After a period of use the lock will rust, so it is very common to haveproblems every time it opens and closes and Always have to carry the key with you, causing irritationand annoyance.Before coming to Smart Lock, many people say that. They have used traditionalmechanical locks for decades and still find it to do well in their protective duties. They do not needan electronic device such as a fingerprint lock ... In fact, traditional mechanical locks always revealtheir disadvantages: Metal keys always have to be carried with you, whether you go to work, eat oryou go. work, travel ... extremely inconvenient. Metal keys can easily be "copied" in very simpleways ... Thieves take advantage of this weakness. To infiltrate your family easily. In case you loseyour key? You will have to replace all the locks and keys at a costly price to ensure the safety of yourhome. With the impact of the environment such as humidity, temperature ... and the mechanicallock is prone to rust, making it difficult to open the door.And with a luxury apartment, themechanical lock is difficult to achieve the aesthetic factor.In this research , the proposed solution uses IoT technology and the application of mobilecommunication technology to a traditional system (door lock) to remotely open or close a doorthrough authentication. In particular, this research proposes a security improvement strategyfocused on the Smart Lock System for the security problem caused by the physical key used inunmanned automation devices, such as ATMs, KIOSKs, and vending machines.Objectives:1. What is the topic of research?The following are the key characteristics of the proposed method. Second, it has detection andalarm functions for effects. This is to locate an intruder who is attempting to invade the lock byapplying physical force. Second, it has a feature for image transfer. An attacker who does not knowthe password will usually make a number of attempts. Therefore, if an attacker mistypes thepassword more than a specified number of times, Advanced Science and Technology Letters obtains
photographs of the intruder and transfers them to the mobile device. Thirdly, the user is able toquery the typed password records and all incoming and outgoing records contained in the database.Fourth, after recognizing the picture of a visitor, the machine will unlock the door lock in real-time. Ifthe password is forgotten by a visitor, he will input a code into the door lock; the door lock systemthen transmits his picture to the owner of the mobile device. After reviewing the photo, the user canremotely control the door lock.Fifth, if the controller is holding the mobile device, it will sense alegitimate user entering the digital door lock, and it will automatically open or close the door lock.2. Output Products:The goal of this project was to provide an easy and convenient method for unlocking a frontdoor by removing the need for the old-fashioned key. We start by evaluating the need for such asystem by sending a survey and analyzing the results. We follow the Software Development LifeCycle to set the project objectives and implement the design. The project has three maincomponents: a Raspberry Pi, a cloud backend, and a mobile application. The Raspberry Pi is attachedto the door and is responsible for controlling a servo motor, a camera, and an actuator. Users canopen the door by either tapping a button on the mobile app, or just by approaching the door. Whena user is within a certain radius, a PIR sensor detects them, and activates the camera. The RaspberryPi then sends an image of the user at the door to the backend server.3. Implementation and test plan:The phase of development and implementation is conducted with an iterative strategy toconstruct the prototype that would match the specifications of the design. By breaking down thedesign into small chunks, we are able to develop and test in repeated sequences. In each iteration,new features can be developed and tested until we have a fully functional system that fulfills thepurpose of the thesis.An elaborate test plan that encapsulates all the functionality of the prototype will be written. Thetest plan is used to verify that the prototype lives up to the expectation and the overall qualityrequested by the stakeholders. The goal is to continuously update and develop the test plan parallelto the implementation of the design. This will lead to an iterative working environment whereimplementation continuously will be tested against the testbench. The ideal goal is that theprototype will have an evaluated test for every state of the running implementation. We aim torestrict the tests to three main categories: Software Tests, Hardware tests and "Conclusive-End"tests where the final prototype, combined with both hardware and software, will be tested. Theresults of the tests will strictly focus on functionality but more importantly security. This willinfluence the way we write tests and the test plan itself. Results of the hardware and software testswill mostly be used to collect data for further development while the end tests will be neatlyanalyzed for future research and conclusions.4. Security:Smart lock is designed with very high security features. They have the ability to sound an alarm if thedoor is opened physically (smash, break) or open too many times (open pass). In addition, you willnot worry if someone finds it or "photo" your house keys. To ensure safety, users can choose dualauthentication methods such as fingerprint + password; flashcard + password; fingerprint + magneticcard to ensure safety in case someone picks up the card or knows the opening code.Related Work:
Introduction:Smart lock technology adds convenience, but it's important to remember that this option is first andforemost a security device. It's important to take security features seriously. Use a PIN code for anyvoice control unlock, and make sure you only give access codes to unlock the door to people youtrust. Enabling the auto relock feature is also a good idea, so the door will lock behind you if youforget.No matter which smart lock you choose, adding one to your smart home offers a lot of advantages.With these tips and the best smart lock on your door, managing access for family members,roommates, service providers and guests is a breeze.Having a smart lock on your door could change your life, particularly if you're the kind of person whonever knows where your keys are hiding. Paired with a mobile app, the best smart locks allow you toremotely lock, unlock and monitor your front door.You can unlock it for a service provider or a friend with the tap of a button or with a voice command,and have peace of mind knowing you won't be locked out if you lose your keys. A smart lock offersconvenience, security, automation and peace of mind.CharacteristicLock TypeMode of EntryGradingAdvanced SercurityHome AutomationSmart LockEnter access code oropen with theapplicationGrade 2100% shockproofand anti-cocoonkeyless design andwarning technologydetects door attacks.Lock orUnlock toanywhere.Connected to Smart Home.Opening the temperature andturning on the cameraSchlage Touch (Keylesstouchscreen deadboltor level)Enter access codeGrade 2Keyless design is100% bump-proofand pick- proofSchlage Connect(touchscreen deadboltwith alarm)Give access remotelyor enter accesGrade 1Built in alarmtechnology sensespotential door attacksLock or unlock from anywhereSchlage Sense (SmartDeadbolt)Use Siri voice controlor enter your accesscodeGrade 1Built in alarmtechnology sensespotential door attacksWorks with the Schlage Senseapp and with Apple Homekit.Table 1. Comparative study highlighting the challenges in real-world setting datasetsTable 1 shows the comparison of the publicly available real-world activity datasets based on theabove indicators.About Schlage:Schlage is the leading ‘smart’ door hardware manufacturer in the US, in terms of residential andcommercial marketshare. Schlage has multiple product lines for smart-home owners, with the twoleading technologies being Schlage Connect and Schlage Touch.Schlage is owned by Allegion Pioneer Safety, a publicly-traded security products company with 31brands in their portfolio – with Schlage being the consumer-focused, design-conscious product line.Smart Lock:
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