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Smart Solutions Assignment

Added on -2019-09-20

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SMART SOLUTIONS Smart Solution is considered a popular information technology research organization of Canary Wharf. It is a world leading information technologyadvisory and research organization which is continuously enhancing its number of share in its potential markets. Smart Solution offers thetechnology-related insight to its important clients to make the accurate and effective decisions every day. On the other hand, it can be said thatadvancement in information technology is growing day by day. All this happening due toadvance and in-depth research. Recent development in IT software, hardware, and systemsenhance the competition level in the existing global environment. Smart Solution works withits clients to research, analyze, and interpret the IT solutions of business within the context oftheir individual roles. Its highly skilled research team enforces it to give their best byperforming hard efforts. It is necessary for an organization to go with the advancement andtechnology prevailing in the existing market. If they not following it, they will not be able tosurvive for a long time. Thus, it can be said that information technology advancement not onlybrings growth opportunities but also improves the productivity of an organization.RECENT IT DEVELOPMENTS IN HARDWARE, SOFTWARE, AND SYSTEMSGenerally, it can be said that the face of information technology is changing speedily. As adirect result of ongoing technological advancements and economic necessities, theinformation technology industry is facing a large number of fundamental shifts. If they wantto remain popular, it is necessary for them to evaluate these developments closely and workaccordingly. Recent IT developments in software and hardware systems can understand byfollowing:Hardware System DevelopmentsProcessors in computer came into existence by the innovation of Baron Jon’s JackobBerzelius. He introduces silicon which is considered as an important element of processors intoday scenario. After this very development made in the existing processors to improve itsfeatures and working. After the introduction of computer processor various developments likelogic circuits, transistor, and the integrated circuit. The latest developments in the field of theprocessor are the introduction of dual-core processors from both AMD and Intel. The dual-core processor is designed with the two full CPU cores operating off of one CPU Package.Data Storage technology in computers has transformed completely since the early modelsfrom the 1920s. Data storage technology in computers introduced by Fritz Pfleumer during1920. From 1920 till now it has made significant growth. Recently, cloud technology makes itvery easier and convenient. Cloud is providing a platform for various business organizationsbuilding the next era of computing. Recent improvements in internet bandwidth enhance thestorage capacity in computers. For example, VMware managing its functionality by enhancingdata storage capacity of its systems.CAD/CAM stands for Computer-aided manufacturing or Computer-aided-design. It is asoftware utilized by engineers, artists, architects, and drafters to build technical illustrations orprecision drawings.The wireless network came into existence with the development of radio communications.After this various development has occurred in a wireless network such as Bluetooth, IEEE802.11 and Wi-Fi. Nowadays a phenomenal growth has been seen in the wireless network.Today it becomes commonplace for every application.Most of the organizations use email as a primary source of communication. They also usedemail for promoting their business on the internet. Internet email can function as an efficientcommunication tool for sharing necessary information. Due to such features, it becomes very popular in the eyes of every business organization.Software System DevelopmentsComputer Aided Design
Development of Windows occurred over the span of five and a half years. Windows came into existence during 2001 from Windows XP. After this, a lot of development occurs in the field of windows such as Window 2003, Window 7, 8, and Window 10. Window XP released with the features of long-used Windows 95 kernel, powerful code, practical interface, memory management and improved application. But Window 2003 launches with the additional features such as Compatibility, lower hardware requirements, speed and various others. Such developments made continuously to maintain the profitability and usability of windows. Application software integration is known as a process of bringing a function or data from one application program together with that of another application program. Such type of process conducted by utilizing middleware, either written on a custom basis or packaged by a vendor. Management information system considered as a computerized database of financial information programmed and organized in such a manner that it produces continuous reports on operations of every department at every level in an organization. On the other hand, Decision Support Software is considered as an interactive software based system which helps decision makers in compiling necessary information from a combination of personal knowledge, raw data, business models, and documents to recognize and resolve problems and make different decisions.Electronic data interchange is the computer to computer exchange of data by standardized messages formatting, without the requirement for human intervention. It replaces email, postal mail, and fax.ROLE OF IT DEVELOPMENTS IMPROVE FUNCTIONING OF AN ORGANIZATIONGenerally, it can be said that advancement in technology brings more opportunities for the organization to improve their existing business working.Information technology proves very crucial in the success of every organization whether it is an IT organization or an FMCG organization. The roleof hardware and software components in improving the performance of Smart Solution can understand by studying the following:Hardware System developments role in improving functioning of Smart SolutionAdvancement in processors technology plays an important role in reducing the amount of complexity and overall manufacturing cost. If SmartSolution utilize such type of advanced processors, it may conduct its research more effectively and accurately. It not only improves the quality ofresearch but also reduce the level of complexity engaged in it. On the other hand, advanced processors also permit the management to run itsorganization at a lower clock speed. For example, Avecto earning huge profit by providing advanced security software with the high quality ofprocessors. Development in processors enhances quality of its offerings which ultimately influence its profitability and market image in its potentialmarket. The increment in Data storage capacity of hard devices improves the data handling procedure of Smart Solution. Due to the data storage facility, theorganization can store a large number of data at a single place. This reduces the data loss problem of organizations. On the other hand, by storing thedata in a single place, one can easily identify and collect the necessary data as and when required. Due to this feature, the organization can manage itstime significantly. For example, Thomas Online benefits enhancing the sale of its software by enhancing their storage capacity. Development instorage capacity of hard devices enhancing sale and popularity of its software's.CAD Software utilizes a large number of organizations. With the help of CAD, Smart Solution can significantly improve its productivity. It isbecause CAD enhances and improve the productivity of designer, professionals, and engineers. This ultimately proves beneficial for the success ofthe organizations. On the other hand, CAD software makes the organization successful by improving its quality of the designs. For example, AECOMorganization using CAD software and improving its productivity. Due to its improved productivity it able to gain a 38.1% share of its potentialmarket.With the help of wireless network, Smart Solution can significantly improve its communication style. Improvement in communication brings growthopportunities by reducing the number of complexities and conflicts among the employees. For example, Intruit organization using a wireless networksuch as Wi-Fi to manage its working effectively. Due to this, it not faces any problem regarding network and security problem. Using e-mail improves the complexity and communication among staff members of Smart Solution. By using e-mail, the organization cansignificantly save its time by sharing information with a large number of people in a single time. Email make the communication easier which furtherbrings positive output by growing organization productivity. For example, Synnex using email technology to communicate with its business partnersand other staff members. Due to this, it is known for its collaboration and effective product outcomes. Software System developments role in improving functioning of Smart Solution

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