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Communicate the Expectations

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SMP#81Part A: Fully describe three (3) measures for assessing the effectiveness of a salesforce as awhole. Explain why they’re important, what they determine, and how sales managers apply thesecriteria to sales force performance evaluations.Answer AMeasurement of sales force effectiveness is an important task for the sales manager in anorganization. If the manager does not measure the right things at the right time, the organizationwill miss the opportunities of making improvements in the effectiveness of the team, which willultimately lead to the loss of revenue. The measures that will be adopted by the manager for theeffectiveness of sales force are – Communicate the expectationsIt is very important to measure the performance of sales employee so that they will understandtheir job responsibilities, by increasing the competency. (Atkinson,2017)it is the human tendencythat they don’t respect what you expect but they respect what you inspect. (MacKenzie,2014)The first way is to communicate the expectations to the salespeople that what the organizationwants from them. The performance should not be measured just for punishing the team , but itwill do in the way that it will recognize the performance of the employee , and helps the salesemployee in a positive way , in terms of reinforcement in the behaviour. Prediction of growth in future salesThe assessment will also be done in the way of prediction in the future sales. The sales team hasto be aware of the fact that what future growth the company wants in the coming months oryears. The manager by doing this allows the salesperson to assess its performance on its own,and provide them with the ability that he or she is competent in the task or not. (Chonko, 2016)Afterwards, the manager has to assess the sales done by every individual and if the performance
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