Social Development Assignment

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1Developmental Summary-AnalysisChild’s name:LaraDOB:August 30th2007Date of Analysis:January 11th, 2008Completed By:Amanda1.Social DevelopmentSummary StatementRoot Skills Being DemonstratedSourceLara has been found to interact with other child well andwilling to play with a child white sitting in a circle to sing theirsongInteraction with peers (Turkewitz &Devenny, 2013)Anecdotal #2, p-4.Lara expressed excitement during play evident by highpitched vocals and happy smile in her face.Skills of playing with other childrenCommunication with othersRunning record #1 page 17Lara was found to confident while speaking with moderator.She made direct eye contact during communication process.Children are confident and informed learnersRunning record #1 page 17Lara was engrossed in her play as she watched other childrenplayObserving other children playingAnecdotal#6, p-8Lara was found to verbalize with her teacher and answer tothe question that was being asked in the circle. She also usedChildren are connected with the world and showsresponsibility for active community participationRunning record #3, page 25
2descriptive words and 2-3 words sentence during interaction.Analysis of Strengths:From the analysis of the Lara’s observation, it can be said that the main strength of Lara is that she is a confident learnershowing curiosity during playing and learning process. Being an active participant in the learning process will help her to makeconnections and make sense of new experience. This can be said because she engaged in enquiry-based experiences with herteacher. An educator can recognize child’s involvement in learning and provide opportunities to the child to address theirthinking(BELONGING, BEING & BECOMING. 2017).Analysis of Emerging skills or Needs:The emerging skills observed in Lara is related to communication process. Lara was found to interact with teacher,however she only used small sentences. Hence, her skills in communication is just emerging at this stage. She is also sayingpositive sense of attitude in childcare setting which is indicative of being connected and contributing the world. The educatorcan further create an environment by which Lara can enhance her communication skills and developing caring relationshipwith the environment and people(Lillard et al., 2013).
32.Emotional DevelopmentSummary StatementRoot Skills Being DemonstratedSourceLara expressed excitement when engaging in a play andshe used high pitched vocals. She was happy whentaking part in a playEmotional self-awarenessRunning record #3, page 25Lara demonstrated skills to such as playing with otherchildren and she tried to communicate with otherchildren. Lara also tried to communicate the thoughtsshe had and observed other children playingEmotional self-awareness andrecognising other individual’s emotionsRunning record #3, page 26Lara makes eye contact when speaking to the educatorand looks at him while speaking. She also tries toexpress what she feelsEmotion regulationRunning record #1, page 15Lara uses words like ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ whencommunicating with other childrenRecognising other individual’s emotionsAnecdote #3, page 5Analysis of Strengths:Lara has a number of key strengths related to emotional development. The skills demonstrated by her include emotional self-awareness, emotionalregulation and recognising other’s emotions. On the basis of these skills she is able to communicate effectively with other individuals and expressthe basic human feelings coming into forefront. Lara has the tendency to have one emotion at a time and acts as she feels. Lara is able to rely on
4physical clues for identifying the emotions of other. That is the reason why tries to maintain eye contact with others and attempts to understandtheir emotions.Analysis of Emerging skills or Needs:Lara would require support for developing further emotions as she might need help in expressing the concerns she has in relation to expression offeelings. She would further need to have a better understanding of the interaction between situations, emotions and people. Rethinking goals andmotives behind the reactions would be a desirable approach in future.
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