Social Identity Theory (SIT) Assignment

Added on - May 2020

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COMMUNICATION1Chapter 5: Social Class MattersDefinitionsSocial Class: A term used to refer to social divisions based on the economic and socialstatus of the residents of the society (Carter, 2014).Networking: A term used to refer to the interaction between people with the aim toexchange information. It also aims at developing the social or professional contacts of a person.SummaryAccording to Brenda Allen, social class is based on the social stratification which refersto the designation of the groups of society based on varied criteria. The higher rank holders inthis category enjoyed more respect, value, privileges and status as compared to those whobelonged to the lower ranks (Allen, 2010).Reflection Matters3. The construction of the social class has always been related to the power dynamics inthe society since the time of its establishment. In my opinion, the social class had always beenprimarily ascriptive, Leading to the stark contrast between the incomes of the rich and the poor.4. Reports on the issue of social classes are published in the newspapers and the othermedia from time to time. These articles generally do not report on the poor members of thesociety or the members of the working class of the society. I feel that journalists maintain adistance from these people who belong to the lower classes.
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