Social Inequality Assignment

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Surname1Name:Tutor:Course:Date:"WHY THE RICH ARE GETTING RICHER AND THE POOR, POORER"Introduction and ClaimIn the entire Article, the author discusses about the increasing disparity between theupper- and lower-half of the society. The major narrator of the piece is Robert Reich who isprimary illustrating the America’s social classes. The metaphor is utilized in explicating how theeconomy of America is fluctuating for the rich and poor. It is alluded to a boat that everyone is inwhereby 1 is rapidly sinking 2ndone sinking more gradually while the 3rdsteadily rising. Thethree social classes are referred to here including lower-, middle- and upper-class.The lower-class keeps going poorer due to job loss, increase automation alongsidecompetition from other economies which are enthusiastic to work for less money. The middle-class is somewhat staying unchanged but remain still diminishing economically. This is due tomachinery that is substituting employees, lower wages due to the surged social security drawn bythe government from the retirees, alongside the stiff competition from immigrant searching forjobs. The upper-class does well and ascending past everyone else since they are the people whoare thinking regarding selling their notions to overseas nations who could never think of themindependently.BackgroundThe topic is anchored on the Robert Reich as both eye opener and simultaneously acautionary for the society about the unemployment which the society shall be facing and is
Surname2presently facing as a result of the lack of education and technology. It precisely enunciates thatroutine producers’ jobs and in-person servers have extinguished wholly as the contemporarytechniques have substituted them. Reich posited that strictly individuals whose jobs remain onthe upsurge are symbol analysts. The symbol analysts remain the actual problem solvers. Thesymbol analysts’ skills remain extremely in the demand globally since they are the people whoinitially examine the problem and subsequently solve the problem (Reich 15).The same unemployment problem alongside the global recession that has left workersfocusing on workers not solely with skills of specialist but further a vaster array of knowledgeand skills. The report remains a clear reflection of what is required by the modern dayemployers, but the question remains whether it is universities or learners individually that fail tocope with the needs of modern world that is marred with advancement in technology alongsidecritical thinking. The modern day generation alongside reasons for huge drop in employment aretruly missing something critical.OppositionThe opposition holds that the job losses in America is caused not by the immigrants intoAmerica but due to technological development and globalization. The opposition acknowledgesthat the main challenge is the employment crisis that the millennials shall be facing as a result ofeducational challenges, either in schools or in learners, and the similar period the ascendingsymbol analysts demand (Spangler 472). This is an eye-openers for millennials since theopposition has precisely illustrated all the challenges facing millennials and shall be facing in thecoming years about employment.Opponents Claim’s strengths and weaknesses
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