Social Justice as a Mirage Assignment

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Running head: SOCIAL JUSTICE AS A MIRAGESocial Justice as a MirageName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1SOCIAL JUSTICE AS A MIRAGESocial Justice refers to the concept that is fair and just in relation of the individual humanbeing and the society. The degree of social justice is measured by the explicit and the implicitterms for the distribution of the wealth, opportunity of the activities of an individual and theprivileges in the society. With the help of social justice, the human beings are assigned the rightsand duties in the institutions of the society (Pennock 2015). This enables the receiving of thebasic advantages and the burden of the cooperation. Not all the people can be equally entitled torespect their fellow mates. The attainable degree of social justice is unfeasible and it may lead tothe destruction of the liberty of the individuals. There is as such no analysis to state what issocially unjust. This is because there are no such rules and regulations to determine theobservance that would secure the individual characters and the social groups to appear as just.Social justice is chief to both social democracy and socialism as well. Social justice cannot besimilar in temperament with the idea for the rule of law. Friedrich Hayek supported the idea ofsocial justice but later on realized that the concept was meaningless (Hayek 2012). The specificgroups that want to pressurize apply the phrase ‘social justice’ by providing the demand in anunquestionable manner. These groups often use the social justice as a means of the politicalscenario so that they transfer from the other groups. Hayek comments that the phrase does notmean anything as the concept is fraudulent. There is inequality in the society of today and hencethe respective governments tend to treat the people in an unjust manner. Not everyone can beequally provided social justice. The social justice is an indefinable concept. The objective of thetheoretical framework of falters at the structural foundation when it is analyzed.Hayek wanted to meticulously define the term social justice and the meaning that peopleattain from it (Lister 2013). The concept of the distributive justice among the people of thesociety is understood as the characteristic of the conduct of an individual. Hayek defines the
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