Social Justice Essay - Changes to Welfare System in the UK

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Social Justice Essay
Critically analyzing changes to welfare system in the UK since 2010 in relation to at leasttwo theories of Social Justice Social justice is the concept which is used to represent the fair and effective relationbetween the society and the individuals who are part of society. It is broadly measured by theterms of the wealth distribution, opportunities for social privileges and personal activity. Theconcept of social justice in whole world is, individuals who addresstheir rights and initiate theirroles and responsibilities towards the society and in return receive whatever they due from thesociety. Social justice is a huge concept and it revolves around receiving justice in terms ofwealth distribution, opportunities and all the other kinds of privileges within society. It helps inensuring the equal rights and facilities to each and every individual of society. It is the conceptwhich does not lay emphasis upon the religion, caste, culture, tradition, race or gender. It is theconcept which is applicable to each and every unit of the society to remove any kinds ofdiscrimination that occur in the world. In every major religion, there is minimum one socialjustice body(Edwards, 2015). . There are various types of people who have different point of views regarding the socialjustice. Their facts do not match with each other but they all share a common aspect of the idealworld which is not dominated by the caste, culture, race, religion or gender based discriminationat any level of the society. In United States, there is the demand for various kinds of the reformsregarding the criminal justice body, discrimination against women, the poor and the blackpeople. Social justice is the measure which is used to provide better functions to the society. It isthe tool that helps in turning lives of the people who live in the society. It also helps in managingand handling poverty of the country. It is the measure which is used to evaluate the problemsthat are being faced by the members of the society. It provides the equality to all the people ofthis society. this provides the rights to each and every person, globalization andinternationalization is the process which provide various kinds of benefits to the person and atthe same time it also provided employment facilities to millions of people(Ellison, 2016). Social justice is the concept which is used to provide justice to all the people in terms ofequal wealth or any other kind of discrimination that occurs in the society or the opportunitiesthat can be addressed by the each and every person of the society. Inequality not just leadtowards the decline in the productivity but also spread poverty within the country, socialinstability is the major reason behind the conflict and disputes in individuals lives. Social justice
is the form, through which government can comprehend the various measures that can help thesociety in reaching the point where there is no discrimination in the society at any level on thebasis of caste, religion, culture, race or gender. Since 2010, welfare reform has been central tothe policy of the United Kingdom government, the defining feature of the contemporary UnitedKingdom policy of government is Welfare reform. The Welfare Reforms implemented in theUnited Kingdom between 2010-2015, Housing Benefit (local housing allowance):Changes towards renting strategies followed by bodies with the cost of houses for people whobelong to low income backgrounds in private as well as rented sector.Housing Benefit (under-occupation in the social rented sector):New measure are initiated for the governing of the size of the properties regarding which there isneed to make the payment to working age candidates. There is need to implement the newstrategies and policies which are related to the members of the working age group regarding theirpayment and properties. Non-defendant deduction: Deductions are increased from income based benefits to highlight the contribution that has beenmade by the members of the household that is expected to make towards the housing expenses ofthe household cost. Benefit cap:A new ceiling is applied on total payments as per the house hold, that can be applied to the sumof wide range of benefits for the unemployed candidates of the working age. Council Tax Support:The entitlement of working age candidates has seen a reduction of approximately 10% as per theoverall payments to the local authorities. Personal Independent Payment:By Personal Independent Payment phased replacement of Disability Living Allowance forcandidates of working age; allows more reliable medical tests. Employment and Support Allowance:Replacement of Incapacity Benefit (IB) and related benefits by Employment and SupportAllowance (ESA), with more stringent medical tests, greater conditionality, and time‐limitingof non‐means tested entitlement for claimants in the Work‐Related Activity Group
Child BenefitTax Credits1% up rating. Welfare system is used to evaluate the needs and the of the individuals and the familieswho require assistance. The time and amount involves depends upon the region, state or thecountry. These welfare systems provide assistance in the from of programs and various othermethods are implemented like health care, food stamps, compensation regardingunemployment , child care as well as housing assistance. The facilities and services provided tothem depends upon the state or the region. Other factors that can be considered are; totalnumbers of members in the family, level of current income and assessed disability. In eachregion of the country the significance of welfare system is different, but the services provided bythem are quite similar from one another, this often creates the situation of the confusion whilecomparing the program of one stare with the another. Social justice is very broad concept as itrevolves around the many aspect of the society like equal opportunities to all regarding thewealth and other benefits that occurred in the society. Social justice is the method which is usedto evaluate the working of the country by analyzing that the society is free from all the kinds ofthe discrimination at each and every level, it is not affected by the measures of caste, culture orany negative aspect of society(Richard, 2017). . There are several advantages of the welfare system: It improves access to health care : For the continued success of the American society it isvery important to provide equal rights and opportunities to each and every individual ofthe society. Health is very important and essential aspect of every one life. Remaininghealthy is difficult for the one who is unemployed and does not any kind of theresources , such people have difficult time in obtaining good health insurance as well asthose are physically disable. It fulfills various kind of specific and important needs of the children: It is very essentialfor the parents to take the effective responsibility of there children so that they lead ahealthy and happy lives. They don't deserve to live a life where there is no proper food,shelter and basic facilitates are not available for them, thus it helps in providing somebasic kinds of needs to the unfortunate children in order to keep them healthy and happy.

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