Social Media and Elected Leaders Study

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Surname1NameLecturerCourseDateSocial Media and Elected LeadersSocial media has become a crucial means of how people interact with friends andfamilies irrespective of the geographical distance. Elected leaders in governments have depictedinterest in incorporating the use of social media in conveying information to their followers(Management Association, Information Resources 20).Is Social Media a good forum for elected leaders?Social media is not a good communication forum for elected leaders. As per Van-Tamand Sellwood (182), social media is regarded as a forum for communication that does not conveythe seriousness of the office that elected leaders hold. In most cases, social media serves as acareer wrecker because it is said that the internet never forgets. It is difficult for people to takeseriously what elected leaders convey in social media. Social media can be used for otherpurposes such as campaigns and other friendly information but not serious operations for electedleaders.How should they best communicate with the public?There should be an elevated degree of formality when it comes to elected leaderscommunicating with the public. The right communication can be able to persuade the public intobelieving that the elected leaders are up to standard (Balutis and Ink 66). Some of the ways in
Surname2which elected leaders can communicate with the public include, press releases. Press releasesenable an elected leader to reach a wider audience with seriousness and with no or little costs.Through the use of an active website, elected leaders can be able to communicate with thepublic. By maintaining an official professional website, elected leaders can get the eye of thepublic. Through media communication team, elected leaders can be able to engage the mediaoutlets of new developments so as to keep their followers up to speed.What message or agenda are each conveying to “followers?” Discuss three (3) themes foreach official.When a closer look is taken at the Facebook and Twitter account for President DonaldTrump and his deputy mike pence, there are arrays of the messages which range from issuesaffecting Americans and also political messages that are conveyed into their social mediaaccounts. For President Donald Trump, his Facebook and Twitter accounts convey differentmessages for the last two weeks. One of the themes that have taken center stage on DonaldTrump's social media includes, fake news. This is where it is observed that the presidentcastigates different media for portraying negative information about him, the last being thatCongresswoman Wilson (D) gave wrong information to the media that he did not pay respect toa fallen soldier. Another theme is the economy where tax cuts have been emphasized. Lastly,political theme has been eminent where different political happenings are posted.Vice president Mike Pence’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are rather dull. However,financial theme has been noted as one of the messages where tax reforms are stressed greatly.Political theme is also present where it is observed that the vice president seems to becampaigning for area leaders in different states. Also, the environmental theme seems to take
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