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Social Media Marketing - Coca-Cola Company Study

Added on -2019-09-25

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Introduction:- Innocent Drinks produce smoothies, juices and veg pots which are sold across the UK. They sell over 2million smoothies per week and are 90% owned by The Coca-Cola Company, so they’re a pretty big deal.In today's scenario, the internet plays a wide role. The Internet is a combination of severalinterlinked networks which relating to the academic, government, business and even most of thesmall networks. So, the internet is known as the network of all other networks. All thesenetworks force the internet to be used for various other important functions. In this essay, we willstudy how the social media considered as an important marketing tool by the various businesshouses. Social media: A marketing tool:-Social media is the important tool of the internet which is used widely by most of the peoples.Social media is considered as the future of the communication system in the whole world. Socialmedia enhance and increase the sharing of information in among peoples. The new form of themedia makes the transfer of audio, video, text, photos, and various other important information.Social media is not only beneficial for regular internet users but as well as for business also.Social networks are a combination of various types of social media like Facebook, YouTube, andLinkedIn, etc. Today, social media is widely used by the business houses for marketing of theirproducts. There are more than 700 million Facebook user, 50 million numbers of Twitter users,200 million of tweets are sending per day, and more than 2 billion unique users worldwide visitYouTube every month (Simmons,2007). Various people at various time interact through socialmedia because it doesn't have involved any distance barrier, and it is considered as the bestcommunication tool. Social media makes the marketing function of the business houses very1
easy. Advanced technology made the whole world as one village so most of the people in theworld on social media. It is very important to study how social media helps the business housesin the promotion of their product.As per a study conducted on social media, it is concluded that different politicians and thepolitics activities brought social media into the limelight. They have expected that social mediaplay a huge role in the coming general elections in a large manner. This fact was supported by astudy which was propounded by IRIS Knowledge Foundation and by the Internet and MobileAssociation of India (Bashar,2012). Social media will be considered as a real game changer withpolitical leaders. Due to the social media if someone is connected with the one person then thatperson can connect with various other persons through their friend list. Today social media andthe business houses are inseparable. For the most of the entrepreneurs, social media is used as amarketing medium, which is proving very beneficial for the business. Social media considered asa marketing tool because it provides the following benefits to the organization. First, and the most important role of the social media as a marketing tool is that it helps thebusiness organizations in increasing their brand image in the market. An organization shouldfocus on every opportunity available in the market through which it can expand its business.Social media helps the brand image of the organizations by showing the various features of theorganizations to different persons at a single time. This is considered important in enhancing thebrand image because it simultaneously makes the business organization easier and moreaccessible to new customers. Social media also helps the consumers in becoming more familiarwith the various business organizations. For example, a new user can access to organizationinformation for the first time only after stumbling upon it in a newsfeed. Marketing of theirproducts by various business houses becomes difficult when they use the various physical2

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