Social Media Marketing in Business

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LANGUAGE AND LEARNING2IntroductionSocial media marketing is a marketing technique that offers universal interaction between theconsumers, business, and its stakeholders, through the community that is virtually networked.Social media marketing in business refers to the process of attaining attention and traffic throughsocial media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. The informationcontained in this sites is usually user-generated, that means that anyone is able to post on thissites without any restriction (Wilson,2010).There has been a tremendous use of social mediamarketing in business, as a tool used to engage consumers. A lot of research has been done onthe effects of social media marketing in business. The main aim of this essay is to reviewcritically the impact of social media marketing in business. With the technology development,and at an affordable cost, business operations have been revolutionized. The technology hascontributed to a paradigm shift in the way the business operates, and how communication works.The presence and reputation of business in the market is social media driven (Tuten 2008).Increase Brand awarenessSocial media offers a lot of benefits to the business. First of all, social media marketing increasesthe brand awareness. Implementation of a strategy to use social media will greatly increase therecognition of business brand because the consumer target that the business engages with will bebroad. Use of social media gives consumers a chance to interact with the brand at a morepersonal level. For an organization that has an already established brand, use of social mediaprovides the business with an opportunity to give the business a voice in the market and furtherdevelop the brand. In theFast-food advertising in social media articleit is evident that the mostparticipant familiarity with the fast food brand stems their outlook towards Facebook
LANGUAGE AND LEARNING3advertisement(Gaber & Wright,2014). The participants further stated that they are more likely to beengaged with the advertisement of their favorite brand with a goal of knowing about thepromotions and offers. It is clear that investing few hours on the social media marketing willbenefit the business brand, and with continuous use, it can generate larger businessaudience("Benefits of social media for business", 2016).Better customer satisfactionSecondly, social media marketing ensures better customer satisfaction. Social media being acommunication and networking platform, voice creation of the business through this platforms isvery significant for company humanization. Consumers are grateful having the knowledge thatby posting comments to the organization pages, they will receive a response that is personalizedinstead of automated response. Interaction with consumers at one on one level improves theconsumer loyalty. Loyal consumers spend a lot with the business and act as businessreferrals("Benefits of social media for business", 2016).Fast-food advertising in the socialmedia article,among the factors that affect consumer purchasing behavior, is referrals from afriend(Gaber & Wright,2014). Majority of the participants indicated that they are affected by theadvertisement that generates comments and likes from a friend on social media. They alsobecome fans of the brand that majority of their friend is a fan of.Social media marketing intourism and hospitality articlehas identified the use of social media marketing as a way ofinforming the consumers about the possible activities within the organization. This can lead to along-term relationship with the consumers through awarding consumers based on their loyalty.With every interaction on the social media with the consumer on social media is an opportunityto demonstrate publicly the relationship between business and consumers.
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