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SOCIAL SCIENCE1Question 2 aThe welfare state of Canada was developed subject to the powerful influence that ithad over the business. This influence maintained a very close relationship with the federalgovernment and remained unfazed on the fact regarding whether the Conservative or theLiberal party was in power at a given point of time. The welfare state always rested on thetension that was present between the two systems of decision-making (Langille, 2016). Thesetwo decision-making systems included the capitalist marketplace and the democraticgovernment. The political system of Canada may have been described as a system thatallowed accommodation of the elite. The welfare state was described to be able to confrontthe challenges that were posed by the factors of communism and fascism. This would havebeen possible if the political and social conditions of the concerned area were favorable.There had been a sufficient democratic pressure during the time span ranging from the 1940sto the 1970s. This led to the Canadian state gaining more autonomy from the capital that ithad enjoyed in the past.Question 2 bThe Canadian welfare state is known to differ from the United States in a number ofways. The Canadian political system have been known to be a tool of the populist sentiment,in spite of the elaborate system of balances and checks that have been used to circumscribethe power of the state of America. The Canadian business, unlike the United States havenever been subjected to the strict anti-combines system of legislation (Langille, 2016). TheCanadian state seemingly lays less focus on the merits of the free competition. The CanadianState is also seen to provide less support to the system of the organized labor. The Canadiannationals enjoy an extensive welfare state, which has been supportive of or has beholden tothe concerned business. This may be the result of the fact that the state depended on the
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