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Social Science 11)Sociology is a study of the functioning and organization of societies and their major values, institutions and groups. There are some fixed action and institution or collective social circumstances given to an individual is known as Social structure. Individual activities are backed by their family background, shared language, the distribution of activities and wealth all of them are regarded as social structure circumstances which play a major role in the action of a person. It thus provides a context, environment, or a fixed backdrop for the action. (Rapport, N.2014) social structure is an unaltered circumstances for an individual. Social structure is one thing a person can’t escape from but the adoption of these circumstances is depends on the individual person characteristic and personality. Changes in social structure are very gradual and arises due to changes in social routine. There are always willful efforts to reproduce or renew them by an individual effort or collectively by groups of people. Social structure also gets influenced by the inhabitants of geographical area.Social institutions are basically formed by the ordered social life which is common to all the societies. The Institutions are based of making person personality and behavior, person’s priorities, point of view, courage to tackle the failure everything depends on institutions. The basic aspects of institutions are highlighted that involve a definite regulation and ordering, these regulations are backed by norms.2)There are sphere of family, social class, race, religious affiliation, social honors and kinship, which focuses on the regulation of biological relations between individuals and the member of the new generation. Basically, the sphere of the educations and ethics of the family influences

Social Science 2the young into adults and helps in the transmission of cultural inheritance from the present generation to future generation. Political parties also deal in controlling society institutions and maintain the peace of society. Allocation, production, consumption and distribution of goods andservice regulated through the economic sphere (Isajiw, W. W. (2016). Sociology contains so many terms structure is most common in them. In qualitative studies based on random samples of an individual, structure are the most consistent and durable feature of all individual for their outcomes. Sometimes attributes such as race, gender, and class are labeled structural to imply that the underlying mechanism is an external force imposed on individuals independently of theirwills.Social institution impact on the development of a person, family play a major role in making a child a successful and strong person as a supportive family has also a positive impact on the development of the child. During early childhood parent’s value, ethics, their attitudes can passed to their child. Whether someone talk about healthy lifestyle, good habits, treating your follower, elder can heavily influence by their parents. Basic skills, basic foundation which can acquire throughout someone’s childhood are supported by their family majorly. Formation of self-esteem starts from a person childhood a nurturing relationship with family makes child feels safe and secure which is a critical part of healthy development of child well-being. Children become more active in communicating socially, if their family has good connections in society. On the other hand, Parenting have risk factor as well environment of domestic abuse, drug abuse,poverty can leads to behavioral issues in children as young as 3, according to NCCP (Brown-Lyons, M., & Robertson, A. 2001).Likewise schooling of child play major role in development of a child. Exploration of environment, reading, outdoor activities, practical knowledge, educational trips, cultural

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