Social Work and Social Change

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1SOCIAL WORKSocial work is a noble profession where social workers help in promoting the socialchange, problem-solving in human relationships and also at the same time ensures empowermentand liberation of the people. Their main duty is to result in an overall enhancement of well beingof individuals and also the society (, 2014). Not only that, the social workers usetheories of human behaviors and social systems and thereby intervene at the point where peopleinteract with their environments. Two main principles of social work are very integral to thisprofession. These are the social justice and maintenance of human rights (John 2017).Social work is a profession which addresses multiple as well as the complex transactionsbetween human beings and the surrounding environment. Its main objective is to help all peopleto develop their full potential and at the same time enrich their lives and prevent any kinds ofdysfunction with the present lives (, 2014). The social workers mainly act aschanging agents in the societies whose main motive remains problem solving followed bybringing changes for the betterment of the society. This profession mainly underpins interrelatedsystems of ethics, principle based values to bring happiness not only to individual lives but alsoamong families and communities they serve (Brave and Preston-shoot 2016).One of the most important values that underpin social work is the maintenance of humanrights. This service provided by them should be based on respect for the inherent worth as wellas dignity for the person, which is based on Universal Declaration of Human Rights published byUnited Nations (, 2014). It becomes the duty of the social workers to promotewelfare of societies by upholding the dignity as well as well being. They should support andrespect the choices of the people and maintain their rights to make their own choices anddecisions (John 2017). Allowing the rights of the people for participation and empowering them
2SOCIAL WORKby identifying their strengths are extremely important for maintaining their human rights (, 2017).Another important area that needs to be mentioned in discussing the values harbored bysocial workers is social justice. Social workers must inculcate the values of promoting socialjustice not only among the people they work but also within the society (Brave and Preston-shoot2016). The social workers should maintain their responsibility to prevent the occurrence of anykind of discrimination on the basis of different factors (John 2017). These may be based onability, sex, marital status, culture, gender, political opinion, skin colors, socio-economic status,sexual orientations, physical characteristics and many others. Social workers should develop thecapability to not only recognize the diversities present among the different individuals, families,groups and communities but also to respect them accordingly (Brave and Preston-shoot 2016).Fair distribution of resources should be ensured by the social workers. Social workers shouldalso have the duty to report any unfair means of distribution of resources or make the higherauthorities aware if any illegal, unfair or oppressive activities are being carried on which isharming the well fare of the human beings and the society (John 2017). They have the duty toprevent any conditions that challenge social injustice like social exclusion, social stigmatizationand others. They need to work individually as well as collectively with others to challenge theseconditions and overcome them with proper interventions.The health and care professional council (HCPC) had also put forward many importantstandards of proficiency. This had been found to be extremely helpful in guiding the socialworkers towards their best practice. They need to act in a way which supports diversity in thesociety and the community. For this, the social workers need to reflect and take account of theimpact of inequality, discrimination as well as disadvantages faced by certain people in the
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