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INTRODUCTIONThe theory explaining the cause and effect of human behaviour like for example defininghow humans interact and how they react to stimuli is called to as social work theories. This isalso the scientific method of resolving issue related to get the general explanation supported byall type of incidence and evidence as well (Hepworth, Rooney and Strom-Gottfried, 2016). Thisparticular essay will be providing look into various type of social work theory and comparingthem all to find out which one to best suited for the given case study. This will also demonstratethe reflective practice and discussing relationship between theories, practice and values for betterunderstanding.MAIN BODYBackground of caseCarol when she was 17 was living in remote area of Aboriginal community with hermother and her twin brother died when she gave birth to her son Alan. As they were not havingany precise source of earning so she was very unwell when she was expecting her son due to herlay back attitude Alan was made to live apart from her in a home care. Then after this Alan wasplaced with the foster family losing up Carol’s contact with her family and her son as well. Thenshe started living nomadic lifestyle in taking drugs, alcohol, prostitution and uncertainty herrelationship with family was also uncertain for about 6 years.After this the health care professional reported that she was again pregnant but she wasnot agreed to work with the child care protection workers. As they were attempting into safeguarding Carol and her baby as the father of baby is expected to a criminal who is serving intoprison. He is expected to harm baby and Carol who is one of the major drug dealer ofcommunity. Then once again her mother Robyn and one of her aunty decided to stay with Carolin way of protecting her and her baby as well. After this Carol gave birth to baby girl and namedher Sharon then they both stayed within hospital to allow to safe guarded her daughter. Therewas change in behaviour of Carol which was noticed by hospital staff as she was providingstrong support to Sharon and regarded to as good enough parenting.But uncertainly during the second week Carol was becoming very much agitated she useto leave home for longer period of time and this also includes overnight absence. Her mother andaunty use to take care of Sharon during these times and problem between Carol and her familybegan. According to behaviour and visiting child protection workers it was reported that Carol1
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