Essay on the Sociology of Family

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Sociology of the family
ESSAYSociology of the family states varying characteristics of the members of it including itssize, gender, age variations and quality. It covers impact of social change on the well being of thefamily and how families interacts with social organisations (Forrest, 2013 ). Traditional thinkingrestricts household members on the basis of gender. Mother is associated with responsibilities oftaking care of her child.Analysis of the changes in family structureChange in the family structure and patterns has been experienced by several countries.Roles associated with it changes with time. In the last few years, alteration has been noticed inthe attitude and behaviour. Families are mixture of single parent, step parents, step siblings,people who are together but living far apart and conventional manage. Nowadays people areinvolved in complicated structure of family (Gras and Chanez, 2016). Traditional patterns ofliving married couples with their children has been transformed. Ratio of heading up householdby married couple is declining nowadays. Nuclear families have come into existence. Differentkind of families have emerged due to changes in marriage and divorce. According to the surveyamong five, two of the marriages does not survive and they get remarried. It resulted into growthof step families which is growing at very high pace in United Kingdom. Single parents have also seen significant growth up to 2.3 million in the year 2006(Changing Family Patterns (Family Diversity), 2013). Number of children who are growing inthe step families and with single parent has increased. Couples who are together but living farapart have also increased which often results into marriage failures. As per estimation, twomillion people are living with their partners. The reason behind survival of the marriage is theyare working in different locality far away from their homeland or it could be because theirrelation has just started. The other reason could be women's focus on building up their careerfirst and then settling down into committed relationship (Hughey, 2016). A new kind of familyhas come into force that have members of same sex. This is known as civil partnerships. Law forsuch kind of concern came into existence in December 2005. Teenage motherhood is one mostprevailing feature in Europe.Comparison of Sociological PerspectiveThere are basically three sociological perspectives which are discussed below:
Structural functionalism: According to the Hughey, (2016), society could be presentedas living organism. Society is consisted of varied parts which are very important so thatfunctioning could be maintained in proper manner. Whereas In context of it Roberts,(2013) said that social institutions are the essential organs.Conflict theory: In comparison to structural functionalism, conflict theory says there areseveral groups in the society that conflicts with one another and compete with eachother. When a group acquires victory, they set rules and continue them so that power inthe society could be hold by them. These both are quite similar to each other as bothhave considered society an important consideration.Symbolic interactionism:. For every individual, meaning and importance of the familydiffers. It iContrast of Sociological PerspectivesSymbolic interactionism: On the other hand, symbolism interactionism is quite differentfrom both of them. They do not consider much social institutions. It is mainly focused onindividuals viewpoints in context to reality.Structural functionalism: In contrast, they consider society as complete one object andthere are multiple structures that are engaged into governing various functions of thesociety. Functionalists consider it in a positive way where all works together as singleunit.Conflict theory: According to this, society is not considered as single unit rather there areclasses of people. There is always ongoing struggle between society members.Functionalist, Marxist, feminist and internationalist views of the familyMarxist: They are captious of any family along with society. According to them, socialgroup is divided into two parts because of conflicts between ruling class and workingclass. Differences in the classes is retained by the family members as rich people canafford quality education and necessities to their children for their better life as comparedto poor people. Marxists has belief that it is fair to have unequal classes. Gender rolespertained are interactive. They do not agree with value accord and the prospect of socialstructure.

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