Software Development Lifecycle Assignment

Added on - 03 Mar 2021

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Software Development Lifecycle and itsimportant during development oflifecycleThe Software Development lifecycle [SDLC] isa technique of a structured Softwaredevelopment that justify the excellency andcorrectness of the developed Application. TheSDLC develops high-quality, consumer-complaint Software.SDLC comprised planning outlines i.e. howcomplex technology should be installed andmaintained. Every SDLC phase corporatedwith its next phase within its own system anddeliverables.Importance[1] It is designed manually for task andcustomised for customer's goals[2] Helpful in assessment, planning and in
determining expectations[3]It is structurally standard arrangement ofexercises[4] It assures the right and easy conveyanceto the customerDifferent Software Lifecycle andSoftware Lifecycle ModelsThere are two types of Software Lifecycle; V-Shaped and Iterative and IncrementalV-shaped ModelIt designates as waterfall where water ismoving down step by step rather than movingdown in a straight path, bent it upwards afterdesignation and encoding stage. Howeverearly test scheduling made it difference fromwaterfall model.Advantages
[1]Speedy and social[2] Each step designated for specific output[3]Due to its own test planning designation, ithas a lower chance of success over waterfallmodel[4] Made it easy so that it can function well inunderstanding some specificationsDisadvantages[1]Stiff in designation[2] Due to it high cost prototype of thisSoftware can't develop[3] During teat conduction process, the designcouldn't provide a clear path for problemsfixing[4] It is a time consuming and costlyIterative and Incremental ModelIn contrary to V-shaped Model, it is an
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