Project on Software Management Risks

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Running head: SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT RISKSSoftware management risksName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT RISKSAnswer to question 1:For the development of a project, management is always considered for considering thebudget and analytical information regarding the process. The manager of the project is supposedto carry out all the steps required for a successful project completion. However, the process ofanalytical information gathering is not simple and risks or threats are evident in the entire projectlife cycle. Even under very controlled conditions, risks can arise in the of a project life cycle.Many of these risks may arise due to mismanagement or negligence in considerations.The existence of flaws is a very common incident in a project. However, the level of theflaw occurred will determine the problem. This is the first risk that may be present in a projectlife cycle. As a project life cycle involves various steps that are to be followed beforecommencing with the project, the complex analytical considerations cannot be simply considered(Fleming and Koppelman 2016). This result in flaws which are later reflected in the projectdevelopment stages.The next risk is the inflation in the considered requirement for the project. Requirementsare a major aspect that is always considered in the planning phase of a project (Schwalbe 2015).However, as the requirements of the stakeholders may change or some requirements may getmissed out due to the increase in complexity of the project, inflation occurs due to this.Lastly, long deadline is another risk to the success of the project as the membersresponsible for the project does not finish their requirements (Kerzner 2013). This removes theneed for urgency and after reaching close to the deadline, the members complete it howeverpossible.
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