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Solis AssignmentAnswer the following questions using the "Soils" ppt and the Chapter 12 Science Focus pertaining tosoils.1) Compare the "O" and the "A" horizon of the temperate deciduous forest, grassland and the tropicalforest soil structure.a) Which soil horizon is called the organic layer and which soil horizon is characteristic of Topsoil?b) Which of the three soil horizons has the deepest "A" horizon containing the most Topsoil?c) Tropical forests are viewed as rich in biomass productivity. Currently, much of the trees in tropicalforests are being cut down for establishing cattle ranches.How thick or deep is the tropical forest "O" and "A" soil horizons? Give you best explanation of whatnatural processes are taking place to explain why this is the case.d) What do think happens to the soils once the trees are removed in tropical forests? What role do youthink trees play in soil formation?e) How might the soil formation process change if the tree were removed?f) What are the two main types of traditional agriculture?g) What do all types of conventional crop production depend on?Watch VideosThe Importance of Soil (6: 40)Solis: A hidden resource ( 5: 58)Soil Horizon: (8:05)Part 2Answer QuestionState your view point whether you promote concentrated animal feeding operations as a method ofprotein and meat production. In your discussion you must note at least two advantages and twodisadvantages of animal feedlots.Part 3Assignment Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)The assignment consists of data collection activities of CAFO’s in three states: Colorado, North Carolina,and Rhode Island. You will use the form below to compare the density levels of cattle, dairy, hogs,broilers, and layers across in each state.
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