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Solution 1.The main stakeholders of the conference coordinator system (CSS) are as follows.1.Author- In this system author is the one of the researchers who writes the research papersand writes their unique research in it and wants the other researchers to review it. To doso the author has to submit their report in the CSS system along with the proper formatand their names.2.Authors- There are a lot of authors who wants to submit their research and want to reviewthem by the experts.3.Expert / Reviewers- Experts are the panel who will review the research papers of theauthors and provide their review whether the report is good or not by the proper formatand the material in the report. Experts are unknown to the authors. They are randomlychosen by the system editor. Three weeks of time are given to the experts to review theresearch and assigned the paper as accepted, accepted subject to revision, and rejected.4.Editor- Editor is the mediator between the authors and the reviewer. The paper submittedby the author in the system will get a random number and then the editor place that paperto their respective experts for review. And it maintains the anonymity among them.Authors and author are the external stakeholders of the CSS system.Expert and Editor are the internal stakeholders of the system.Solution 2.a. Functional requirementsAuthors1.Paper is prepared by the authors. The paper should be in the proper format and the PDFform.2.Author must have to create account in the system3.The author have to submit their paper on their respective account.4.The author is also designated as the corresponding author who will review the email.5.From containing the field of paper title and the abstract information about the paper.6.The author must provide his name, contacts, email, title of the paper, and the institutionname.Editor1.Editor track down the papers of the authors.2.It checks whether the paper is in proper format and in time.3.The editor will assign the paper to the reviewer of particular field for review.4.Edit will check the reviewing time taken by the reviewer and if the period is competed amessage is then sent to the reviewer.5.The editor will show the result of the author on the respective account. The result is in theform of category based on the assessment of the reviewer.6.The editor helps in scheduling the conference by keeping track on each paper.
7.Venue, date, and time of the conference are set by the editor.Reviewer / Expert1.Expert is used to reviewing the paper of the author2.It will assign the category to the paper. Whether the paper is accepted or not.3.An expert will review the paper with in three weeks.4.Author and expert are unknown to each other.b. Non-Functional Requirements1.The system should maintain the anonymity among the expert and the author.2.The availability of the system is 24 hours, and the faults are resilient in the system.3.The system is scalable, and the scalability of the system allows more than 100 authorscan submit their paper at one time.4.RAID system is used for extra support.5.Each and every expert must submit the final report of the reviewed paper within threeweeks.6.Main memory size is large for the server system and the author's system.7.Additional functionality and the extensibility should be allowed in the system.
Solution 3. aUse Case Name:Submit PaperScenario:Author submit their paper for review.Triggering Event:Author notifies the editor to review their paper from the respectiveexperts.Brief Description:Authors submit their paper in appropriate format. Authors also submittheir credentials along with their emails. All these information aresubmitted in the system. And system will generate the random id forthe paper in order to maintain the anonymity. The all theseinformation is reviewed by the editor.Actors:Author, EditorStakeholders:Author, System, and EditorPreconditions:Submitted paper will be reviewed by the experts of the respectedsubject.Postconditions:Author can submit or reschedule the other paper.Flow of Activities:ActorSystem1. Author first write the paper2. Author then submit their paperin the CCS system.3. Author can withdraw their paperfrom the system.4. Author will reschedule the trackafter submitting another paper.2.1 System then store theinformation of the author alongwith their paper.2.2 System then show thisinformation to editor.3.1 System will delete theinformation of the paper.4.1 System store theinformation of another paper.Exception Conditions:
Use Case Name:Editor to ReviewerScenario:Editor send the paper for review to the reviewerTriggering Event:Editor find the two experts of the related filed by the help of system.Brief Description:If the author finds the paper submitted by the author is in the paperformat the he find the respective expert and deliver the paper to theexpert.Actors:Editor, ExpertStakeholders:Editor, system, and expertPreconditions:paper will be reviewed by the expertsPostconditions:Editor assign the paper to the expert.Flow of Activities:ActorSystem1. Editor sees the informationdelivered by the author.2. If the paper is in the correctformat.3. Editor will request the suitableexpert information4. Editor will assign the paper to twoexpert.3.1 System will print the suitableexpert information.System will display thatinformation to that expert.Exception Conditions:Use Case Name:Update Conference Schedule
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