Solution 4. To do this complete application my first de

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Solution 4To do this complete application my first design priority is the design of loginand signup page because in this application user can only book a car afterlogin or sign up with valid credentials. If these page are easy to use moreand more users will connect with us like for sign up of a new user we justwant his basic information that why we put less number of fields if we put alarger form with many number of fields user find it is a waste of time to fillthat form. Another functionality is that we put a check box to know from theuser while booking for a car that he wants the car from a registeredcompany or from any any individual car or both, because many of the userprefers a certain type of car so they can select from this check box, if auser does not care about the type of car and he is comfortable with bothtype of car than he can select both the check box. While we done the usertesting of this functionality we have to take care of that there will bedifferent data come for the different checkbox.Another functionality of priority is that while booking a car for rent and fillingthe column for from date and till date, while user select the from date hecan’t able to select the previous date from the current date and whileselecting the till date user can’t able to select date previous date ofselected from date in that way user will not do any mistake in terms of date.
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