Solution to the issues discussed: Improvement in the sales

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Solution to the issues discussed: Improvement in the sales service1.The customer service skills need to be improved in the staff.This is related to training. For this training needs to be provided to the staff who deal with thecustomers directly. They need to be trained on clear communication lines; they have tobecome more adaptable to the needs of the people in the industry. Since the business is ofselling the plastic containers to the public, so sales industry has to identify that what are theneeds and wants of customers, what they aspire for, what do they look for in the product etc.then in the skills, the staff should be taught about the work ethics. They need to understandthat when they see the problem of the customers from their own eyes, the customers feelsgood, they feel associated and the customers don’t have to waste much time in explainingtheir problems to the staff. This saves time, the product is sold at a faster rate and a rightbalance gets maintained in the sales and profits of the company.Then the staff has to train on the knowledge aspect, they need to have full information aboutthe product that they are selling. The customers trust the staff for the knowledge they have.Suppose the staff is giving them incorrect knowledge or half knowledge about the productthen it would be very harmful for them and the company.The image of the company gets destroyed later and the customers feel dis satisfied. So thestaffs need to have a detailed knowledge about the product so that they are able to respond tothe queries of the customers, guide them properly. This is appreciated by the customers too asthey feel that now they have complete knowledge about the product so it becomes easier forthem to take their purchase decision.Further, the skill that the staff should possess is that they need to become thick skinned. Theyneed to trust the fact that whatever the customer is saying is always correct, they must not
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