Assignment : Discrete Mathematics

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Running head: DISCRETE MATHEMATICSDiscrete MathematicsStudentInstitutional Affiliation
2DISCRETE MATHEMATICSQuestion 5The maximum storage for a binary integer is 2 bytes is equivalent to16bitswhich requires1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024,2048,4096,8192,16384,32768powers of 2 for itsconversion.First we need to convert2141924573into binary numbersAlgorithm for21419214192Remainder1107092Remainder153542Remainder026772Remainder113382Remainder06692Remainder13342Remainder01672Remainder1832Remainder1412Remainder1202Remainder0102Remainder0
3DISCRETE MATHEMATICS52Remainder122Remainder012Remainder102Remainder0The process terminates upon reaching0Hence 21419 into binary becomes0101001110101011Repeating the same process for24573we get0101111111111101Now adding21419+24573we get01010011101010110101111111111101+1011001110101000Remember1+1=10write0carry1And1+1+1=11write1carry1Now convert1011001110101000back to decimal1011001110101000=1.215+0.214+1.213+1.212+0.211+0.210+1.29+1.28+1.27+0.26+1.25+0.24+1.23+0.22+0.21+0.20¿32768+0+8192+4096+0+0+512+256+128+0+32+0+8+0+0=45992(D)45992
4DISCRETE MATHEMATICSQuestion 6A company intends to send a letter to all its customers except males aged under 18. Suppose thatage is an integer variable holding a customer's age, and gender is a character variable holdingtheir sex (`M' for male and `F' for female). Which one of the following correctly expresses thecondition that the customer is to be sent a letter?LetFrepresentsfemaleMrepresentsmaleF'representsfemale<18F''representsfemale18M'representsmale<18M''representsmale18The task is to find a set that does not contain', parties who are not supposed to receive letters(A)(age < 18) and (gender ='M').¿{F',M'}+{M',M''}={F',M',M''}the final set containsM'(B)(age < 18) and (gender'M').¿{F',M'}+{F',F''}={F',M',F''}the final set containsM'(C)(age < 18) or (gender ='M').¿{F',M'}{M',M''}either of the sets containsM'(D)(age < 18) or (gender'M').¿{F',M'}{F',F''}if the first set is preferred,M'will be inclusive and despite it still doesnot fully define for those who have to receive letters
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