Somali Immigrants Social Help Essay

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Running head: SOMALI IMMIGRANTS SOCIAL HELPSomali Immigrants Social HelpName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1SOMALI IMMIGRANTS SOCIAL HELPThe essay is an in depth study of the immigrant aid organization in Ontario Canada,the Somali Immigrant Aid Organization (SIAO). This organization works for the education,training, and relocation of the immigrants from various countries (Bermeo & Leblang, 2015).The organization helps the immigrants by preparing them to live in the Canadian societywithout any issues and be an asset to the country. The organization focuses on a number ofissues from children education to HIV awareness programs. These programs help theimmigrants understand the Canadian society and their roles in it. It also aids in educatingchildren and adults in their education and development of alternative skills so that they canhelp in the development of the society (White, Bilodeau & Nevitte 2015).The essay assesses the different programs of the organization with their workingprocedures. The different details of the agency along with its working, organizational goals,financial sources and partner organizations are studied. The different programs are studiedwith special emphasis on two of them, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada(LINC) and Program Without Walls (PWW), which is a health and nutrition programs for theimmigrants to keep a check on their health and help in health improvements.The SIAO is a Toronto based organization helping the immigrants who come toCanada for relocation and helping them to adapt themselves according to the country helpingthem with education and training programs. SIAO stands for Somali Immigrant AidOrganization and is located at 1778 Weston Rd. Suite 105, Toronto, Ontario, M9M 1V8("Somali Immigrant Aid Organization", 2017). The contact details of the organizationinclude:Phone: (416) 243-1988Fax: (416) 243-2903
2SOMALI IMMIGRANTS SOCIAL HELPEmail: info@siao.caWebsite: www.siao.caThe SIAO works for the development and the proper initiation of the immigrants tothe Canadian society. The mission statement of the company says that the organization workstowards the education, training, healthcare, housing and economic needs of the SomaliCanadians ("Somali Immigrant Aid Organization", 2017). They also help the immigrantscoming from other countries through their integration program. They have strict anti-discrimination policies while giving the relief services to the immigrants. The organizationworks towards the immigrants coming from a variety of countries. The different peoplecoming from different countries needed different types of training and initiation in theorganization to be a fit in the new country (Reitz, Curtis, & Elrick, 2014). There are differentprograms offered by the organization like Community Development & Communityeconomics Development programs, Health and Community Programs (PWW, HIV/AIDS),Translation/interpretation service, Pre-Employment Development and EmploymentWorkshops, Youth Opportunities program, Language Instructions for Newcomers (LINC)Program, Information on Immigration, and Housing, Family Support programs. The agencyhas a hierarchical structure with Mr. Mohamed Nur as the Chairman and other posts like ViceChair, Treasurer, Secretary and Board Members. Apart from the board members, theorganization has a number of staff members.The organization works in partnership with organizations like Midyanta, YMCAToronto and Dejinta Beesha to provide education, training and housing support to theimmigrants to Canada. The government ministries and corporations also support the workingof the organization by helping the organization in providing home and support in education tothe people. The commitment of the organization along with the government support helps in
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