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SOSTAC PLAN FOR BIGJOY RESTAURANT2AbstractThis is a SOSTAC plan for BigJoy Restaurant in Birmingham, UK. A SOSTAC planis a very effective tool for the planning and management of any new setup or company. ThisSOSTAC plan analyses the present situation of the company and delves into the objectives,strategy, tactics, action plan and control plan for the same thus producing a verycomprehensive and structured plan for the restaurant and hence leading to greater profits.
SOSTAC PLAN FOR BIGJOY RESTAURANT3SOSTAC plan for the BigJoy restaurantBigJoy Restaurant is an eatery with a capacity of 30 people and a waiting room for 10persons. Their main priority is their New American menu. Presently, the management iscontemplating to add a few more cuisines so as to cater to the taste of more people.BigJoy Restaurant is also in the need of a comfortable lounge area with Agreeablefurniture and stylistic theme and alleviating warm tones. It will be the ideal place to stop infor a chomp to eat, for a drink or for an independent venture meeting. For additional solaceand to satisfy a huge gathering of individuals we will make up exceptional hors d' oeuvreplatters for clients.The food menu has to be revamped so as to serve many cuisines. The restaurant canincorporate dishes from Sweden like meatballs, herring or gravlax, or it can also go theIndian way by picking a red curry in chicken which will go with basmati rice, or a charcoalgrilled shrimp with any leafy vegetable such as spinach dark bean sauce. It can likewise havean extraordinary pasta dish course each day in addition to the meal inspired from America forexample, grill meat ribs and heated baked beans. The menu, however will bring in constantchanges in a period of 6 months although the most popular choices will be retained[ CITATIONBri121 \l 16393 ].Situational AnalysisThe eatery has access to it the whole week. It offers unique topic evenings to draw innew clients. The eatery excels in fine feasting in a comfortable climate. Warm hues, newblossoms, delicate music, candles and astonishing fine art are features of the ambience whichhas been designed by proficient artists. This facilitates the feeling of camaraderie andcultivates a congruous atmosphere to have a scrumptious meal in. Amid the bustling summerone can likewise on the porch and can avail oneself to a unique summer menu, highlighting
SOSTAC PLAN FOR BIGJOY RESTAURANT4food easy on the stomach, extraordinary beverages, and mock tails. The yard and gardensetting has proven to be a fun and easy-going space for the mid-year swarm.The administration is casual, well-disposed and amiable with the guests. BigJoy hasprocured the most efficient individuals and has prepared and tutored them in the mostappropriate way to deal with a high rush throughout the year. It is the friendliest and the mostdexterous staff conceivable. The administration group contains people whose foundationcourses comprise a period of over 10 years and who have considerable experience inproviding food, administration, funds, promotions, workmanship and hospitality.Providing food is a noteworthy aspect of the whole business. The customer base isincreasing progressively. In today's rushed work style routine clients don't generally havesufficient energy to organise a birthday party or any other occasion that they need. Presentlyclients can transfer it to professionals and get the finest, most essential gathering or supperever. BigJoy has years of popularity in the food business and recognizes what a criticalcustomer needs. They however need to have an extensive International menu for clients tochoose from. They can hence foresee their aggregate deals assignment to be composed 85%of the eatery deals and 15% of cooking deals. The consolidated cost of offers will be around33% delivering a gross benefit of 67% on aggregate deals.Most critical to BigJoy are the money related achievements and this will beaccomplished by offering superb administration and phenomenal cuisine and tastes with aninnovative flavour. The monetary projections in light of their experience and information ofthe territory is $385,000 per quarterly[ CITATION Nad11 \l 16393 ].ObjectivesWith the above mentioned plan in mind of accentuating the menu and the constructionof a lounge area appeasing to customers, BigJoy has laid down the following objectives:
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