Sources of Information on Hospitality Industry

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1.List 6 sources of information which could provide you with details on the Hospitalityindustry and provide one example for the type of information you could obtain fromeach source.Information SourcesInformation you could obtainSource of hospitality industryinformation such as:InternetColleagues and supervisorsManagerUnionsteam leadersprofessional associationnetworkHospitality industry bodies.Manual workplaceLibrariesExperienced personnel etc.These are important sources while theorganisation is gathering all theinformation regarding the company,services, facilitates etc.Internet: - For Example- Onlineinformation system is the best forhospitality industry to provide all thenecessary information in a proper manner.Social media is the best platform and toolto provide all the details and informationto customers. Most of the people are usingonline platform to find the details ofparticular product.Colleagues and supervisor-For example-colleagues and supervisors provide theinformation regarding the latesttechnology used hospitality industry. It isthe best way to identify information.Manager-Manager plays important rolein the hospitality industry. They providethe information related innovative ideawhich is helpful for developing thebusiness.Team leader-Team leader influence theemployees to focus towards their goals.They also provide the information.2.List the relevant sources for legislation, regulations and guidelines where you couldobtain information relating to the following areas:Areas of interestAct, Regulation, GuidelineLiquor (RSA)Health and safetyFood safetyWorkplace relationsConsumer protection, duty of careWorker’s compensationPrivacyEqual opportunity, anti-discriminationThe Liquor Act 1998-the act helps tocontribute to decrease the abuse and misuseof alcohol. The restriction to provide thealcohol in marketplace. According to Act, itprovides the penalties if someone misusesthe alcohol product without license andpermissions.Health and Safety Act 1974-Health andSafety Act provided the health and safetyfor employee in the organisation. With thehelp of act, the employee argue withcompany regarding safety measurement.The organisation has also maintained theirresponsibilities towards employee.
Food Safety Act 2006-Food Safety act isrelated to the food safety that is establishedby Indian authority to regular distribution,sale and import, storage, manufacture etc.They have more responsibilities to providethe best quality of product to customers.Thisact is extends in the entire India.Workplace relation Act 1996-This act isrelated to the equal rights and condition atworkplace. This law was passed bygovernment and this law was converted intoindustrial relation act 1997. It is very helpfulfor people who are doing job in industry andwith the help of act, it can be protect.Consumer protection Act 1986-Consumerprotection act was passed by government.This act is helping the consumer to protecttheir interest. It established by consumercouncil and authorities.Worker compensation Act 2013-This act ishelpful for employee whoare injuredaccidentally in the industry. It provides thesafety of workers and employees. Accordingto law, it provides the security if someoneinjured so that the organisation cannotdeduct the entire money or salary.Privacy Act of 1974-The privacy act of1974 establish by government whichishelpful for maintenance of system. It canprovide the protection of data andinformation.Anti-discrimination act 1977-This act isrelated to the discrimination of employment,delivered good services and other facultiesand services health care, property andbanking etc.3.What is the purpose of and the basic requirements which must be met by Hospitalitybusinesses for the following legislation?LegislationWhat is required
Responsible service of alcohol(RSA)LegislationWhat is requiredResponsible service of alcohol (RSA)This act is required for the hospitalityindustry because somepeople are usingwrong perspectives. People illegally misusethe alcoholic product.Food safetyFood safety act is required because most ofthe firms providebadquality of foodproduct and the guest and customer feel bed.In this way, it will decrease the number ofcustomers.Responsible conduct of gaming (RCG)Responsible conduct of Gambling act allowhotel to use different products and otherappliances but they will have to take thelicences to operate the machines.Community protectionCommunity protection act is providing theequal rights to their employees. In this way,it is required for everyone to protect.4.Which services are typically provided by the following businesses in the Hospitalitysector?BusinessServices providedPubHotelResortCoffee shopRestaurantBed and breakfastHospitalPubs and clubprovide many facilities andservices such as gym, bars, functions areas,accommodations, gaming etc.Hotelprovides the accommodation's facilityaccording to their standard. They give fooditems, beverage and housekeeping services.Resortprovides attractive locations,
Fast food restaurantconference, sporting activities, etc. theyprovide the best facilities to their specialguests.Restaurantis place where they providemany dishes regarding the food item anddrinking to customers.Bed and breakfast- this facility is providedby hotels and they are arranging services.Hospital-Hospital provided the medicaltreatment to the patient such as operations,medicine, etc.Fast Food restaurant-Fast food restaurantis giving many options and different fastfood services according to customerdemand.5.What are the responsibilities of the following departments in a hotel?DepartmentResponsibilitiesHousekeepingMain responsibilities of housekeeper isclean the hotel and rooms in proper manner.etc. they also check the public areas thatcould be clean or not. Manager alsomaintain the staff schedule and their duties.Front officeThe main responsibility of front officecoordinate the activities of front officedepartment. They will schedule the task offront office staff member. The organisationwill conduct training for employee. It alsomotivates the staff members to completetheir task on time.KitchenKitchen manager will manage the entireback house of restaurant and hotel. Theyhave responsible person to hire the best cookto provide an effective quality of foodservices to their customers. It makes surethat the cooked trained and using food safetytechniques.
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