Special Needs Children in Early Childhood Education

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Special needs children in early childhood educationSpecial needs children in early childhood education
Special needs children in early childhood educationIntroduction:Special needs children are the one who requires special attention due to their disabilities.There are two bodies like IEP and IFSP for the development of a child. In the center, thereare no children with the disability, hence would recommend option B with scenario3 whichincludes toddlers below 3 years exhibiting cognitive development delays who needs angermanagement and enhancement of vocabulary list.1.The three goals which I would like to incorporate in the child’s IEP or IFSP. Firstly, IEPneeds to take care of education and teach a child a few American Sign Language.The primarily includes the activities that could sharpen the mind of the child and wouldbe quite useful in enhancing his self-confidence. Next, is creating awareness about thechallenges a child might fact in the future. The information could be like the struggles andhurdles a child may face, being a toddler and what will be the consequences he would gothrough in his adolescence. It could also aid so that the child could take part in general co-curricular activities. The co-curricular activities are immensely essential for developing one’smind. After 3 years these activities would help the child groom and encourage him to standhand in hand.2.The child could indulge in different activities. The two main activities are listed below:a) Solving puzzles.
Special needs children in early childhood educationTo develop the cognitive skills, the child could be taught to solve the puzzles, to make thebrain think and re-think. Hence, strengthening the process of thinking and problem solving,which is indeed a prominent part of development.b) Toddler-Play Scrabble.It is the type of brainstorming activity which helps to build the sharpness of mind andmakes them aware of alphabets. This would help the child to learn.3.For a toddler, there are certain activities that need to be modified in the play activity. The firstactivity is encouraging group activity instead of individuality: playing the brick gametogether as it helps to boost the child by working in groups and getting aware of the newways by which the game could be played. Next, are games which portray sharing such as thegood habits are infused from an early stage so that they can build those traits in themselveslike, sharing toys would make him more of a sharing person than self-centered. Also,motivational storytelling should be modified with good values and morale so that it boosts thechild. The same could be modified by incorporating good sharing habits among the childrenand telling a story which relates to being obedient.
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