Spidank African and American Fusion of Fashion

Added on - 28 May 2020

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SPIDANKAfrican and American Fusion of FashionSOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNBrand: SpidankName of Campaign: Embracing Cultural DiversityStudent Name or IDDigital PR and Communication
1Africans for a long time have admired the struggle by Americans for civil rights.However, when Africans come to the United States, they develop a perception that black is notbeautiful and have insisted on maintaining a different identity. Spidank is a fashion line thatderives its designs from Africa. It utilizes African prints that were and are still used by manyAfrican societies. The manly known print in Spidank is Ankara. Ankara is a print with acharacteristic of beautiful animal colors (Aronson 2015). The Ankara prints thus will be placedon shirt collars and regions of the elbow on men’s blazers. The other parts of the clothing will bemade of synthetic spider silk. This harmonization of African and modern designs will try and getrid of the perception by African Americans that Africans are the typical people who carry gunsand are always violent and have bad customs that no one would want to associate with. Thismovement will, in the end, bring to a halt the perception that a dark skin complexion is ajustification for one’s inability to succeed.The audience is a group of young and old people across more than five states in America.There have been many differences that have built walls to separate black Americans andAfricans in the past. This has led to poor relationships between Africans and black Americans inthe classrooms and in the workplace. All these are for the blame of ethnicity, culture, nationality,and ethnicity. In the past during a fashion show event,Stella McCartney showcased a traditionalAfrican print known as Ankara. She used white models on the run way to showcase the designs.This has for a long time sparked a debate that Stella never showcased an element of diversity inthe runway show. In our model, we are showcasing a classical African wear having Ankaraprints fused together with spider silk to tell the entire world that it is fine for white models toshowcase African wear (Okonkwo 2016).
2Americans like clothes that are made of conspicuous colors and have African elements inthem. They always want such designs made for dresses and suites that can be worn on officialduty. 90% of all Americans engage in social media each and every day. Every American in thisera owns a smart phone or a computer. Thus it’s now a common routine to check in to socialmedia to connect with the rest of the world. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the mostknown platforms utilized by Americans. They use social media all day, all week, and allthroughout the year. During the night and during the day. For this reason, this can be used toshowcase our designs to many people who will not make it to the event physically.The brand Spidank stands for a fusion of Ankara and modern fashion like synthetic spidersilk. The brand name Spidank was formed from two words; Spider and Ankara (Zilberg 2017).This brand, therefore, will teach the American people that it is fine for whites to showcaseAfrican wear and it is okay to be black. This will to the extent help forge good relationshipsbetween Africans and black Americans in the classroom and workplace. The tone of voice thatshall be utilized with this brand is a formal tone. We shall design a desktop application programwhich will be utilized by anyone all world over to come up with designs like Spidank easily. Theapplication will help the designers choose best color combinations and provide a good simulationmodel for the Spidank designs. This shall allow our brand to spread all the world over whether inAfrica, Asia, America, Australia and all other continents. We anticipate that our designs will beworn by everyone regardless of their skin complexion or race (Rabine 2017).The idea behind the inception of our brand is to demystify the difference that has existedbetween Africans and black Americans in the United States for a long time (Franklin & James2015). The fusion of a modern and African aesthetic in fashion shall in a way bring aboutbehavioral change among Americans (Anderson 2016). Our main purpose, however, is to bring
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