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Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection

An analysis of the interview experience shows little to no relevance to the assignment instructions.

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Added on  2023-06-09

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This article emphasizes the importance of spiritual needs assessment in healthcare, especially for mental patients. It includes a successful interview with a patient suffering from PTSD and discusses the impact of spirituality on patient recovery. The article also provides an action plan for healthcare providers to improve their skills in spiritual assessment.

Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection

An analysis of the interview experience shows little to no relevance to the assignment instructions.

   Added on 2023-06-09

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Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection
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Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection_1
Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection
Through the continuous emphasis on evidence-based practice in health delivery system,
spiritual assessment can be considered as one of the crucial factors that hinder patient quality
care and satisfaction (Moreira-Almeida, Koenig, & Lucchetti, 2014). The assessment will focus
on the spiritual needs of patients and how it relates to the impact of their recovery. The
assessment interviewee is a 26 years old Native American woman. She is a mental patient
suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Due to the privacy discretion of the
patient, I will identify her as JY.
Part (I): Interview
Question 1: Can you describe yourself as a spiritual or religious person? Answer: Yes, I am a
religious person. I was raised in a Christian family where I and my siblings had to attend church
services and groups meetings without any objection.
Question 2: How has your faith developed over the years? Have you ever at any point want to
change your denomination? If yes, why? Answer: Over the years, I have come to develop strong
faith as Christian and as a member of Southern Baptist Convention. With time, I have come to
understand we serve one Supreme being, therefore, the need of changing my denomination has
never crossed my mind.
Question 3: In case of any involvement in a critical situation say medical emergency, do you
believe your spiritual faith has an impact on your recovery? “Does your faith help you?”
Answer: Yes, I believe that despite the medical practice knowledge, all things end up in God’s
hand thus in case of any danger I would highly rely on my faith.
Spiritual Needs Assessment and Reflection_2
Question 4: Are there any expectations of you as a true follower in your denomination? Answer:
As any other Christian am expected to offer my tithes which I have grown believing have a
significant impact on one’s life. Also, spiritual cleansing through fasting and dedication to
church is very important to me as a follower and my illness recovery.
Question 5: Does your denomination revoke or restrict any medical actions? Answer: No, there
is no any medical restriction that I am aware of.
Question 6: Does your church and/or congregation members have superstitions belief to some of
the medical issues such mental conditions to their affected members? Answer: Yes, I must
confess that has been a challenge.
Question 7: What are some of the considerations would you like or feel should be aligned with
your medical treatment? Answer: I think some or most medical should identify with the religious
backgrounds of patients where each person should be allowed to select any appropriate means of
recovery at the hospital which he or she feels is the best.
Part (II): Reflection and Analysis
Gibb’s Reflective Cycle
Description of the Assessment
The patient care can be characterized and/or approached both on the physical and
psychological satisfaction of the patient. Through my conversation with JY, spiritual needs
understanding has a significant role in patient healthcare, especially on mental patients. The
conversation and interview between I and JY lasted over 40 minutes which was very successful
interview as per my expectation. JY explained that despite knowing she is in capable hands of
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