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Spirituality Awareness Assignment

Added on - 15 Apr 2020

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Running head: SPIRITUALITY AWARENESSSpirituality AwarenessName of Student:Name of University:Author’s Note:
1SPIRITUALITY AWARENESSSpirituality is basically a broad concept which gives room for many perspectives. Itincludes a sense of connection to something bigger than the self which typically involves asearch for greater meaning in life. Spirituality helps in getting a different perspective towards lifeand different life experiences. It is thought to be a universal human experience which toucheseveryone and in many cases involves a deep sense of being alive or being interconnected(Sheldrake, 2013).The old concept of spirituality is supposed to mean that it is basically something againstmaterialism. In order to renounce the pleasures of matter, body and mind has been defined asspirituality. Spirituality should not identify with anything that we see and that can be an object toan individual in order to remain as a subject. Spirituality does not advocate objectification ofdesires but is pure subjectivity (Paloutzian & Park, 2014).It is basically believed that spirituality is not concerned with renouncing anything butfeeling or experiencing everything more intensely or more in totality in comparison to thematerialist. All in all spirituality is a life lived in ultimate depth. An individual understanding theconcept of spirituality is someone whose identity is at the centre. Spirituality according to medoes not condemn enjoyment but gives more purpose to life (Bullis, 2013).Spirituality has helped me get a positive outlook towards life. It has helped meunderstand the importance of adhering to positives in life. In case a person believes in thepresence of a higher power, he or she is bound to remain on the right track throughout his or herlife. There is also the concept of karma in the realm of spirituality. It is believed that if anindividual follows a positive karmic pattern in his or her life then there will be very less chancesof getting punished for any wrongdoings in life (Pashak & Laughter, 2012).
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