Sports Assignment: Periodization Training Planning

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PERIODIZATION OF TRAINING EFFORT IN JUNIOR FEMALE GYMNASTS’PREPARATIONREVIEWED ARTICLE FROM THE FIELDDIRECTED TOPICPOTOP VLADIMIR, CIMPEANU MARIANAEcological University of Bucharest, ROMANIABulevardul General Vasile Milea 1G, București 061341, RomaniaSchool Sports Club no. 7 Dinamo Bucharest, ROMANIAEmail:Vladimir_potop@yahoo.com1
BLUFUsing a small sample of junior female gymnasts, this paper concluded that anefficientperiodization of training effort and better competition performancesare achieved by optimizing features of effort parameters in the progressivetraining levels leading to the competitive stage.ABSTRACTThe purpose of this report is to analyse the importance of training effort periodization atthe time of macro-cycle and means content presentation during different training stagesofJunior III female gymnasts.Brief methods: This study will be conducted approximately through 3 months, withineight junior female gymnasts of an age range of ten to twelve. It involved examining theperiodization of training effort throughout the three mezzo-cycles and 11micro-cycles. The progresses of the gymnasts will be monitored throughout the trainingperiod, with the help of graphical representation method and statistical-mathematicalmethod.Results: The results of the study, will show the working schedule as well as order duringthe period of training, sequences of carrying out two trainings per day, the means as wellas contents in the different stages of training, the characteristics of the efforts and finallythe achieved performances in the competition.Conclusion: From the report, it will be concluded that systemization of training meanson various apparatus along with the training effort characteristics does play a verycrucial role in various stages of training junior female gymnasts. Effective trainingperiodization and better performances in competition can be achieved by properlyadministrating the characteristics of effort in the preparatory period, specifying the effortparameters during pre-competitive state and providing good amount of technical trainingkeeping accordance with parameters of competitive efforts.KEY WORDS:Periodization, Artistic Gymnastics, Junior Athletes, Performance MeansINTRODUCTIONThis paper intends to examine periodization of training in a small sample size of eightjunior female gymnasts.2
Periodization of training is a well-established practice in a wide range of sportsincluding gymnastics. Periodization is the process of dividing the overall training plan(macro-cycle) into specific time blocks where each block has a particular goal andprovides the body with different types of stress (1). These smaller blocks are typically 4weeks long and are termed meso-cycles, which are further divided usually into weeklymicro-cycles. Periodization takes into consideration the level of the athlete in order toavoid overtraining and allow the athlete to peak for one or several competitions (2).The study in its Introduction flags the general rules for reaching the athletic shapethroughout the three meso-cycles of the macro-cycle. It also highlights the largenumber of events, the many elements and varied content of exercises needed tosuccessfully navigate all aspects of successful training in women’s artistic gymnastics. Itfurther goes on to describe the complexities of the technical elements, connections andcombinations. The importance of an optimum relationship between features ofeffort made in the preparatory period and the specificity of effort parameters in thepre-competitive stage is emphasized as key factors leading to efficientperiodization of both training effort and performances achieved.The Introduction acknowledges the modern practice confirmed by its resultsthat increase of body capacity for effort and the peaking for competition isachieved by a large volume with increasing intensity for certain periods (3).The purpose of this paper as described in the Introduction was to reportways periodization can be implemented in various training stages of juniorfemale gymnasts.METHODSIt is to be noted that several researches have been conducted in the past on thetopic of the effective training programs of the gymnasts. However, very few reseracheshave been conducted on the process of periodisation of training effort of junior femalegymnasts. In this particular literature review, the researcher will discussthe importance3
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